Monday 17 August 2015

Parenting Tip: Successful people think BOTH!!!

I simply love pillow talks with children and my hubby every time has to chase me to finish off as i can go on and on... haha.

Last night i was asking the kiddos if they prefer daddy to work long hours and they don't get to see daddy everyday but daddy will have a lot of money to buy big cars, big house, they can go holidays and many classes OR they prefer daddy to learn lesser but have time for them.

Alyssa preferred to have more time with daddy and less money as she thought it is more important to have family time.  Zachary is a little younger and he chose to have more money but after i elaborated, he chose time than money.

Next i asked them, if they prefer me to work in my E Excel - Nutritional Immunology business and have money or if they prefer i remained as a Stay At Home Mum.

I was amazed at Alyssa reply.
She said, "mummy, you can have BOTH. You work half the day and take care of us half the day so that you can buy us nutritional immunology food and we wont fall sick and you still can take care of us."
I was absolutely blown away by her reply.  Referring to a session i taught her about rich and poor man mindset months ago, Alyssa still remember this concept that Rich man have BOTH and poor man choose EITHER OR. Read Alyssa blog here.

I was so eager to share with our children what I learnt yesterday from my training.  I love my working environment as whatever I learn,  I can teach them the same values too. Values stays from young.

Parenting is an ongoing process, take opportunity to educate children with good values at all events.  How your plant (children) grow up to be, depends on what seed you planted in them.

If everyday you tell your kids, busy busy busy and no time for them and no money, complains about life, you are telling our kids that life is not worth having and growing up is not meaningful and purposeful at all as they wont want to go through what you are going through.  It is a cycle.  You have no time for them, be prepared that they wont have for you too when they grow up.

Life is not just about money, Alyssa, a kid, can tell you that too.

Have work life balance.  Communicate with your children. :)

Learn more about other opportunity of work life balance here.

Thank you and best regards
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