Tuesday 6 January 2015

Do you know...

1. Obese people have 8% less brain tissue than people with normal weight, while overweight people have 4% lesser tissue.

Lesser tissue result in risk of alzheimer disease.

2.  Many slimming products contain guarana, slimming tea & Ephedra.

Guarana seed
-has 2x more caffeine than coffee bean
-suppress appetite
stimulates central nervous system
-increase body temperature
-is a diuretic
-side effects include nausea, dizziness and anxiety

Slimming tea
-contain mainly tea leaves and laxatives
-laxatives weaken the body immunity causing diarrhea, anorexia and kidney failures
-Stimulate only large intestine to promte excretion without burning burning calories
-no significant benefit to health.

-is a plant which is harmful to body
-used in many diet drugs
-stimulate the heart causes it to pump more blood, raises blood pressure  thus bring on epilepsy, increase blood flow through the brain and muscles and decrease blood flow through internal organs.  -banned in US

3.  Overfeeding during toddlers' years increases their chances of becoming overweight.

4. Watching calories is better in weight management than exercising.
1 hour of jogging burns away
-1 fried chicken drum stick OR
-3 cans of coke OR
-2 cups of cafe latte OR
-1/3 of a MacD breakfast
-1/6 of a cup of milkshake

5. Soy proteins (Non GMO, you can get from our Nutrifresh and I shape (lite)) has
-2x more protein than meat
-4x more protein than eggs
-12x more proteins than cow's milk

6. Iron, Meat VS Plant
100gm of spinach to the same amount of raw chicken liver which contains 3x more iron but a staggering 345 times more cholesterol!  The risks to your health outweigh the benefits.

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Sunday 4 January 2015

Why you should invest in your health

Following are what i have been sharing with people too which many people fail to accept the truth and live life day by day.

Message from Chinese Comedian Zhou LiBo

1. 95% of the world population die of diseases and only 5% of people died of old age.   Everyone has the mentality that they won't be so lucky.  The person on the hospital bed now thought the same yesterday.

2. A lot of people are not willing to invest for their own health, but there is a truth you need to know: when a person is down with illnesses,  60% of households affect the family including children and grandchildren.  They will ended selling their assets or to borrow to help them pay for their illnesses debt they owe the hospital, and as theyare unconscious in the hospital, they do not know a thing.  Therefore take good care of yourself is to lighten the burden of the family and that you truly love them!

3. If you do not focus on health TODAY, tomorrow you will raise a bunch of doctors! Sadly, you think you have raised a bunch of doctors to help you, many people do not have the opportunity to seek treatment in time.  Just look at, Luo Jing, Wang Yao, Steve Jobs, they are the best examples.

4. The world do not understand the truth and facts: 80% of people will work hard and save up all their money and all spent in their last year of their lives and ended dying with regret.  Today you are healthy does not means you are healthy tomorrow. 10 years down the road, we will age however we wont age in sufferings and pains  if we invest in our health.

People who love and take care of themselves,  is the most worthy of being loved! Love yourself so that you do not have to burden your love ones.

If you were sick for one week, you'll find that money is not important, family and good health are more precious;

If you had a serious illness for a month, you'll find the money is especially important, family and good health are far more precious;

If you had a serious illness for six months, you will not hesitate to give up all the money and fame in exchange for the things you think are important now.

If you have parents who have long term illnesses, you will use all your money to care and love them.
Sadly, most people in this world easily forget the pains they learnt from their deceased love ones.  They just move on with their lives.

After reading this, are you aware what is the most important thing in life?

Health, focusing on the right concept!

Americans invest $100 on health, $50 on insurance, $10 to see a doctor, $1 for rescue.

Chinese people invest $1 on health , $10 on medication, $50 on doctor, $100 on rescue

Most Chinese people in their last 1-2 years of their life spent their life savings eat a lot of medicine with side effects and going through invasive treatments and ended they leave the world...

This is how a typical chinese life:
20 years old: no money to buy insurance, instead of investing their health they rather buy an iphone or go dinner with their friends etc
30 years: buying insurance is really expensive, I would first buy milk it!
40 years: buying insurance is more expensive ye? I would pay the mortgage first!
50 years old: buying insurance is ridiculously expensive! I heard that there are Central Provident funds that good ......
60 years old: The original thought on buying insurance is expensive, but now knowing medicine is 100x more expensive drugs than investing in health! Watching other people live a quality life in old age, the fund you are getting is not enough to take porridge ......
70 years old: If you do not have enough medical and pension and any mishap happen, and all your funds are dried up, are you  going to sell your house?

Premium only rise with age.  Premium is not as expensive as health care and hospices etc.  Don't be penny wise pound foolish.  Health insurance helps us through storms and provide inheritance for our family.  We always procrastinate why do we have to buy early and why do we have to buy so much and we ended not regret for the decision made earlier.......

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I have talked to a few insurance friends and following are what i gathered.

If we bought life insurance (with CI), and later diagnose with illnesses and got to go through treatments, an insured amount will be compensated.  It could be a good 1 time compensation.  However, you might no longer be able to get any life insurance coverage as you are insured on whichever come earlier.

So what if you bought all the insurance available in the market?
You get the money, the facts are lifestyle quality will NO longer be the same for sure and you might be on long term medication and treatments, all compensated amount will be gone in no time to the doctors and burden your family members as stated from the article above.  Insurance is just a 1 time payment, it don't guarantee that your illnesses will be gone or get better, neither do doctors.  I would rather be compensated upon death than on illnesses and leave nothing for my family.

What will your last 10 years be? Award video.


Today, start investing in your health than in the doctor's wealth.  Invest in yourself is the best gift you can give your family.

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