Tuesday 30 July 2019

Hand Food Mouth disease

Parents who have preschoolers drag experiencing HFMD.

What is HFMD all about?
According to Singhealth, it is an infectious disease caused by a family of viruses called Enteroviruses -- the commonest being the Coxsackie virus and Enterovirus. It can occur in people from various age groups, especially pre-schoolers. It is a very common disease in Singapore and has been in existence for many years. It is not a rare or new disease.

How can you prevent it?

Congrats to this mummy for being a wiser consumer.  She is 1 of my clients who believe in the science of Nutritional Immunology and what is the best help for her toddler.

Be a wiser consumer.
Be healthier when you are healthy.

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Importance of protein especially for the elderly

Happy Birthday to my Mother-In-Law!
What gift did I get for her this year?
It is Soypro!
Why did I choose Soypro?
Let's read this article from the Straits Times.
More protein in ice cream, soups to boost seniors' health.

Importance of protein for elderly.
"Half the seniors in Singapore are not getting enough protein in their diets, increasing their risl of not just fractures, but also of dying."
"... increasing the protein content in soups, porridge and even ice cream ..."

How much do we need?
"... add plant base protein to the food without affecting the taste..."
losing both bone and muscle mass at the laf century mark unless their consumption of protein by about 50% at that point... This means that they will need to eat about 12gm more protein a day..."

What happen when elderly lack of protein?
"... loss of muscle mass, makes the elderly more prone to falls, functional decline and death."
"... outcome of hop fractures for older people is generally poorer as they have lower reserves and other medical problems..."

Look how joyous was my Mother In Law.
Can you do it?

Where can we get sufficient, convenient, wholesome plant base protein from???

Be a wiser consumer.
Start your day with a right healthy breakfast.
Be healthier when you are healthy.

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