Thursday 15 September 2016

Friends in Malaysia, please read. Are you working hard or working smart?

Hi Malaysia friends

Are you aware that RM is still dropping but you are still exchanging the same number of working hours for a lower value currency?

Do you know RM4 can only exchange US$1?
With the same number of working hours, do you want to earn in RM or USD?  RM should continue to drop and could reach RM5 to US$1. Are you prepared, my friends?

Smart People Will Build a Business System.  Smart People will Build More People.
Smart People will Stay Healthier When They are Healthy.  Smart People Give Back to Society.

Here is your time now to make a difference in yourself and your family lives.
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Our next destination is Australia!!!

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Wednesday 14 September 2016

eLEAD Global - next destination - AUSTRALIA

Dear Business Partners
Good news!!!

Our next market to open will be Australia!!! 

The significance of eLEAD Global presence in Australia proves the credibility and quality of the company as it is a well known fact that the Australians are strict in food import.

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Friday 9 September 2016

Shock of cancer diagnosis despite regular checks

Are you surprise to read / hear that?
This is what happened to Madam Chua. Here is her story.

How can it happen when regular check ups are done???
Firstly we have to understand that diseases do not come overnight like what many people think. 1 of the highest cancer rate in Singapore is Colon Cancer.
Secondly, even with the most advance medical health technology can only detect tumour of 1mm. Tumour with this size, will have at least 1 million cancer cells!!!
Thirdly, are you aware that 2/3 of the time, cancer stays hidden?  There are different incubation period for different cancers.  For eg
-Breast cancer : 6-8 years
- Colorectal cancer : 10 -20 years

What causes the speedy growth of cancer cells?
- Unhealthy Diet
Food such as hotdogs and sausages, food with chemicals and preservatives, oily and fried food, synthetic supplements, Medication, skip breakfast, eating at the wrong timing etc.

- Unhealthy lifestyle
Such as stress, poor sleeping pattern, lack of exercise.

-Unsafe products
Products such as shampoo and bathing soap with SLS, skincare product and cancer causing agents etc

How can we prevent it?
Have you heard of this saying, Prevention is Better Than Cure?
Cells duplicate from 1 to 2 to 4 to 8 and so on.  What do we do between the 1 to 1 million cancers cells when no one can detect the speedy growth of the could be deadly cancerous cells?

By avoiding unhealthy diet and improve our unhealthy lifestyle and be a wiser consumer.

Do you know who is the best doctor in the world?
It is none others but our immune system, God's given doctor for us.  Feed our immune system well and it safeguard us from (premature) diseases.  Please take food that are high in Phytochemicals, antioxidant and polysaccharides which can be found in plant, fruits and vegetables.

For convenient way of improving your diet, start with healthy breakfast, the most important meal of the day!

Thank you and best regards
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Healthy Snacks for young and old!!! (Alyssa's 7th Birthday)

[Belated post - Event on 25 March 2016]

We just celebrated my elder girl, Alyssa's 7th birthday.  The last birthday celebration we had for her was when she was 1 year old.  This celebration was at the same venue with superb view at The Sail!

There are 96 pieces of Aromantic sponge cakes made with our Macadamia Nuts Blended cooking oil with Inside Out Theme all wiped out during the birthday party!  All thanks to my friend, Ivy who baked these lovely cakes for her.

Next popular snack was the Triflora Vegecolor Jelly!  All gone after half way through the party!  

Prepare the Triflora Vegecolor Jelly in minutes!!!

This was very popular too and gone when the party wrapped up!  I had overlooked a family who was vegetarian.  Thankfully we had Vegecolor Sushi for them.  

How to prepare Vegecolor Sushi in minutes!

What is vegecolor?

I am glad that i am able to make healthy snacks for my family and friends with our healthy fast food. Beside being nutritional, it gives great convenience too.

Do contact me if you would like to find out more on our health snacks recipe.

Thank you and best regards
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*Please respect the writer.  Pls do not copy her content, pictures and testimonials belonging to her. Thank you.*

eLEAD Global online business system

I am Anlinna.  I am an Ultimate Freedom Mentor.  I tried out several ways to make money after graduation, this is what most people do isn’t it?

1.     Employee
I found a job after I graduated from ACCA and was in the working force for 8 years.  I realise that we are trading money for time and the amount of time I put in did not justify the time I put in.  My life was basically controlled by the person who paid me money.

2.     Self employed
Therefore I decided to start my online business, Reverie Island, selling kids stuff as I thought it would be a great market.  I did an e commerce site for transaction to be carried out and it was basically a B2C business.  It was tough being a self-employed as I was in a one man show and I had no clue of making it a successful one as I did not have a successful business system to follow.  It was really a trial and error.

After seeing my parents running a F&B store, I came to realise that this model of earning money was far worse than being an employee.  As they had to worry about rental, perishable food and long working hours and my mum ended with cancer in her 60s due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

3.     Business System
How do we determine a person is successful?  In my opinion, a person is considered successful must have health, time and money freedom, having their love ones around to enjoy the fruit of his success and ability to contribute back to the society.

There are in fact many ways to earn money.  However which business is able to give you freedom of health as the top priority.

The first Wealth is Health.

Finally, I come to know a business system which first Wealth is Health and pays me base on result not on time.  It has allow me to spend quality time with my family and friends as well as myself.  With more wealth, we can have the ability to help others.

I have found my way to success and I want to share with you.

A successful business must have met the following criterias.
Let us understand  
1.     Who are your business partners
Our business partner is eLEAD Global. 

Elead is an e-commerce shopping platform on Healthy Fast Food formulated base on the science of Nutritional Immunology founded 30 years ago by World Renowned Nutritional Immunologist, Dr Chen Jau Fei. 

Our series of Healthy Fast Food is proudly manufactured by Extra Excellence Manufacturing (S) Pte Ltd who pride on food safety for its consumers.  Extra Excellence Manufacturing (S) Pte Ltd has consecutively received 14 years of Grade A status in its Food Factory Grading Schemes thus winning the Food Safety Excellent Award – Certificate of commendation from Singapore Agri – Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA).  Extra Excellence Manufacturing (S) Pte Ltd is also a self-reliant company which self-produced its food for their manufacturing and does its own distribution.  This ensure that costing is strictly controlled within the company for the benefit of the consumers.

2.     Niche Market
With a demand for food safety due to frequent food contamination even in organic food and the increase in the number of people making purchase online due to convenience, our Healthy Fast Food business provide the solution of safe Healthy fast food and great convenience for consumers worldwide with just a click away!

3.     Return of Investment (ROI)
Attractive ROI up to 50% of passive income because we want to be paid on result not on time.  For full details on our attractive ROI, register NOW (FREE till further notice)!!!

4.     Together Everyone Achieve More (TEAM)
We believe that 2 is better than 1 and teamwork is important in building our success business system.  Our team is very committed in constant learning so that we can add values to our team to achieve greater success.

Are you ready to embark on this successful business system with us?

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Congratulations for making the right decision to be the master of your own destiny!

Money is a result.
Wealth is a result
Health is a result.
Your weight is a result.
We live in a world of cause and effect.
~ T. Harv Eker

Your wise decision TODAY will bring you close to your dreams and success. 

Together Everyone Achieve More
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About the Founder of Wholesome Super Food (Online)

Hi, I am Anlinna, founder of Wholesome Super Food (Online). I graduated from ACCA was an accountant by practice for 8 years. Shortly after i delivered my daughter in 2009 I became stay home mum. By chance I got to know the science of Nutritional Immunology when i was looking for alternate solutions to my daughter’s frequent respiratory issues, which are very common in pre-schoolers.

As it has always been my passion to share good things with the people around me, I decided to start Wholesome Super Food to reach out to more like-minded parents like me. I started out by holding public and school workshops to advocate the benefits of Nutritional Immunology. One of the greatest rewards I gets in this career is receiving appreciation from people who have benefitted from the Science of Nutritional Immunology.

With better health, my children no longer need to consult the doctor and I am able to move on from being a stay at home mum to a stay at home working mum Healthy Fast Food business owner.

With better wealth, and a believer in "blessed are those who give", I have sponsored 2 children from Nepal through world Vision.

With better time management, she have improve the quality of her family lives.

Her dream is to create value in people's lives so that they can be successful and gain freedom of health, wealth and time.

With more than 3 years of experience in my Healthy Fast Food business, I have achieved 4 incentive trips and helped thousands of people to regain their health.

If you would like to understand how the science of Nutritional Immunology can improve your health and how being a Healthy Fast Food owner is able to gain the 3 ultimate freedom, please contact Anlinna at 9791 9279 NOW.

Thank you and best regards
Anlinna Lim
+65 97919279