Friday 25 September 2015

Live with Dr Chen, 22 November 2015

Back by popular demand,  Dr Chen Jau Fei, World Renowned Nutritional Immunologist and author of NUTRITION•IMMUNITY•LONGEVITY, is coming on 22 Nov 2015!!!

This time she will touch on hot topics such as:
- How to prevent & Improve ALLERGY
- Is GLUTEN FREE DIET healthy for us?
- Does taking yoghurt & PROBIOTICS help to improve health?
-  Is Helicobacter Pylori contagious?  What's the link to STOMACH ULCER?
- Why does a vegan still have HIGH CHOLESTEROL?
- How does fibre help to REDUCE CHOLESTEROL level?
- Does fructose speed up the growth of CANCER cells? Does it mean it is not suitable for cancer patients?
- On average, in every 12 person, there is 1 person diagnose with DIABETES. How can we prevent it?

Live! with Dr Chen (Chinese)
Date: 22 Nov 2015 (sunday)
Venue :RWS Convention Centre, East Ballroom
Tix: $15
Time : 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Goodies bags will be given upon entrance in person.  While stock last!


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Monday 21 September 2015

Recipe: Vegecolor Jelly Mooncake

Happy Mid Autumn Festival, readers!!!

Well received by friends!

Egg yolk is carrot juice jelly.
Paste is Vegecolor jelly.
Skin is pandan juice jelly.

What is Vegecolor?

Want to get your hand on Vegecolor?  Contact us!

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Saturday 12 September 2015

Wholesome super food to enhance concentration

Are you looking for Lion's mane mushroom, Ji ling ginseng and ashitaba to improve Parkinson & Alzheimer or even to improve your children concentration in school?

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Thursday 10 September 2015

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Parenting Tip: People Impact - lesson 2, 30 Aug 2015

For People Impact runway, the kids took turn to dress up as model and the rest will observe what were the missing items in the model.

Alyssa and Zachary working diligently on worksheet for game "invisible half".  They are suppose to complete the other half base on mirror image.

Under the "who's the person", the kids learn the different roles they play in life.  How should they adjust their behaviour according to the setting.  Example Alyssa plays a role of sister to Zachary and she also plays a role of a daughter to me.

The children learnt about the different types of emotion and they shared what would they do under each emotion and discuss if each reaction to an emotion was an appropriate act.

Zachary completed his mini homework base on last game he played and after watching the movie, Inside Out.

If you are interested in the trial class, contact Merrilyn Goh at 92252806 for Marine Parade branch as we are attending lesson there.  Quote AnlinnaWHOLESOME SUPER FOOD for a trial at $10 only (Usual Price is $20) at ALL PEOPLE IMPACT BRANCHES and registration fee waive upon signing up a course, specially for our readers only!!!

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All about collagen

Do you know our body starts to age from 25 years old?

Some people age even earlier due to unhealthy diet and unhealthy lifestyle as well as from the environment we live in.  This is what we called, premature aging.  The risk of premature aging will result in premature diseases.  I have seen so many people around my age suffering diseases which i thought only my parents age folks will suffer from.  It is saddening.  With the advance medical science especially in Singapore and abundant food resources, why are there so many people getting sick and colon cancer is the top 3 cancer in singapore???  

What is the missing link?

Premature aging will lead our body to lose the ability to produce sufficient collagen needed for our body.  Collagen exist in the following areas of our body.
- bones, tendons, ligaments and skins
- cartilage and structure of our eyes
- liver, lungs and arteries
- kidneys and many other internal organs
- cells surfaces, hair and placenta etc

Where do people get their collagen?
Generally, people got their collagen in the form of replacement such as botox, hormone replacement therapy pills.  They are synthetic and it can increase the risk of getting breast and cervical cancers.

Have you heard of people taking pig's skin, fish eyes, pig trotter or even boil animals bones or skin for collagen?  They are in fact their collagen, however after consuming it and going through our gastric juice, they are just simply amino acid for us with bonus of high cholesterol and calories.  Is it worth it?

Have you heard of animal placenta too?
Deer placenta or even horse placenta?  Everyone of us has a cancer cell, our diet and lifestyle will affect our development of our cancerous cells.  Thus do you think animals do not have cancerous cells?  Can you image if you are healthy and ingest those and get unnecessary cancerous cells into your body?  And do you think animal collagen can replace ours?  The world would be happy to hear that, then any of our organs can be simply replace by animals' organs will do, and we do not need kidney dialysis centers.

Collagen drink does not make you look younger.

Where can we find collagen then? Safe and best for our body?
We can self produce it!
By taking high anti oxidant and high phytochemicals plant food such as cactus, cactus fruit, ginseng berries, rose, sea weeds and grape seeds.

In the science of Nutritional Immunology, we have synergized the above fruits into Oxyginberry as a convenient healthy fast food.

Contact us for a session of COMPLIMENTARY wellness consultation.

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Happy Teacher's Day, 2015!!!

1 bag cost $3.90 only.

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Coconut oil fans must read!

First there was Juice cleansing fab then coconut oil fab.

Coconut oil has more than 80% of saturated fat and smoke point of less than 200 degree. While macadamia nut has more than 80% of unsaturated fat and with a smoke point of more than 200 degree.

Glad i make the right choice. If need be, choose a better oil which is high in omega 3 than 6 and high in unsaturated fat than saturated fat to reduce getting cardiovascular diseases. Know more about how to choose a healthy oil from World Renowned Nutritional Immunologist, Dr Chen Jau Fei.

Get your Blended cooking oil using macademia nut oil NOW!

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Parenting Tip: Successful people focus on opportunity; poor people focus on obstacles

During our pillow talk last night, Alyssa was telling me that next week they would have a Graffulo performance in school and she was upset that she got the Graffulo role, her friends can talk normally while she has to talk like a graffulo.

What would you do as a parent?

Applying what i learn from my business, i analyse the situation to her.

I explained / using asking question technique to both Alyssa and Zachary.
Do you know that Graffulo is a leading role?   Are you thankful for getting the leading role?  Are you thankful for being given the opportunity to perform?  Successful people see every event as an opportunity; poor people see obstacles and these people like to complain, justify and blame.

Would you be happier to be like your classmates doing other roles?  Do you want to follow the crowd or being the special one?

(Both see the point of having a successful mindset at this point)

I related another story. Ugly duckling story.
If you were given a chance to perform as an ugly duckling, are you going to be thankful?  If you are going to be just 1 of the duckling following beside the mother duck, are you going to do your best too, Alyssa?

Above was part of the pillow talk.  My kids always request that i sleep with them and they love talking to me at bedtime.  They will update their days with us.  I feel that we as parents should try our best to cultivate that.  Do not let our life overwhelm us.  If we decided to have children, we should do our best to plant the little seeds in their lives so that they will bloom to be a successful (do not mistakenly associate successful to having lots of money. That is too shallow to even think of that) person to contribute to the society.

Thank God for giving me such a wonderful career.

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What is your birthday gift to yourself?

This is my Birthday gift for myself.

My 3 months supply of annual overhaul.  Picture suppose to be taken in July but keep forgetting.

Everyone has a cancerous cell.  Our diet and lifestyle will affect how health is our natural killer cells to destroy the mutated and damage cells.

Healthy and unhealthy cells mutated in folds of 1 to 2 to 4 to 8 and so on.

When 1mm of tumour is detected by the advance medical technology, it has 1 million of cancerous cells.  Therefore during this golden period from 1 to 1 million of cancerous cells, are we doing anything to it?

Do you realise that there are more and more people facing with premature diseases and more hospitals building up all over Singapore despite the advance medical science?  What is the missing link?

We are what we eat.

It is saddening when i hear my peers around me having this and that.  Ain't all these more likely to be happening to our parents age and now in our 30s?

Prevention is far better than cure.

What is Oxyginberry?

Contact us for a COMPLIMENTARY wellness consultation or engage us to conduct a health workshop for your organisation.

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