Wednesday 8 December 2021

How much do you know about skincare Safety?

Many a time we are concern about food safety.  How about skincare safety?

Does effective means good or safe?

Skin is our largest and most permeable organ in our body.  We have about 5 million pores on our skin of which about 20,000 on our face.  

Where has the largest skin pores?
The bottom of the feet.

On our face, where do you find the most pores?
Nose, forehead & cheeks

How many follicles / pores on our head?
About 100,000!

We have 2 million pores across our skin! 
For food, when we ate contaminated or uncleaned food, we have a digestive system to expel out the toxic but skin it don't work the same way.  Generally, about 60% of what we put onto our skin is directly absorbed into our bloodstream.

There are also other considering factors on what we apply to our body and face that can harm our body.

The chemical size of the skincare products.  Have you heard of skincare ingredient being nanonized?  The smaller the skincare ingredients, the higher the risks especially to our liver if the ingredients are unsafe.

The chemical concentration.  The number and concentration of unsafe ingredients used.

The exposure length.  How long the products stay on our skin.

The area of skin exposed.  As mentioned, our head has many follicles and it is very common people colour. cover their white hair and hair treatment as often as monthly, how much and how often are you exposed to these harmful ingredients?

Also, our nose, forehead and cheeks have the most pores!  

And if your skin is wounded, it has a higher absorption rate too.

Not forgetting some part of our body, the skin is more delicate than the others.  The thickness of the skin plays a part too.

Beside eating right with Nutritional Immunology food to nourish our cells from in to out, do take note of the beauty products you apply and do to your body!

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