Monday 29 September 2014

Is Singapore a nation pill poppers???

What is vitamin?

Which will you choose? Vitamin or wholesome super food?

Do you give fish oil and probiotics to your children?

Are you causing more harm to your children?

Can glucosamine helps joint pain?

How to be a wise consumer?

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How to be a wise consumer?

How to be a wise consumer?
1. Wholesome ingredients
This is to ensure that the ingredients are wholesome plant foods, not xxx extract, xxx concentrate, xxx juice etc.  No fortified vitamins and preservatives added. (The maltodextrin stated is derived from corn and rice which do not contain gluten.)

2. Product Form
Choose powder and capsules (powder capped in Vcaps®) not tablets and pills as the latter are done with added fillers / binders.

3. Harvester, manufacturer and distributor are of the same company
A company that is self reliant ensure product safety and price consistency.  E Excel is 1 of the top 5% companies in the world to be a self reliant company.

4. Bar Code
This ensures that the product has a "birth certificate".

5. Processing
Do ensure that it has AVA Certification, GMP Certification and MSDS Certification (for skincare).

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Friday 19 September 2014

How to achieve smooth, manageable and soft shiny hair?

Instead of using the Intense Revival Hair Masque as a conditioner which we can leave on our hair for 20 minutes then rinse off,  I towel dried my hair and squeezed a small raisin size for my long hair and smeared on my palms and spread it all over my hair especially the hair ends as a lift in conditioner.  My hair ends will usually curly out from the left but it is so manageable now.

You can try! You will achieve smooth,  manageable and soft shiny hair.

Why our masque, click here.

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Healthy ways to combat the annual coming back of haze

With the annual recurring haze,  it can cause a lot of distress to people who have asthma and weak respiratory system especially parents who have kids.

We want to look for a solution that's safe for our love ones.  Followings are what my family are taking which you can consider. The products have more than 10 years of grade A, Food Safety Excellence Award. It has GMP certification as well. As the products have no chemicals and addictives,  it does not need HSA certification.

Most importantly, it is made of freeze dried wholesome plant, fruit and vegetables.

Noco strengthen the respiratory system including the lungs and respiratory passages.  It prevents frequent cold,  cough, flu and bronchial distress. It also improves asthma and reduce frequency of severe headache.

Triflora helps to relieve headache,  fever and sore throat as it has anti inflammatory, anti bacteria and anti viral properties.  A great beverage for general detoxification.


Read more here about haze.

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Wednesday 3 September 2014

Gift idea - sleek gold pen-like whispering wind roll on perfume

Whispering wind roll on perfume
Sleek gold pen-like roll on perfume makes an elegant gift idea for Christmas, birthdays etc.
Most importantly it is safe, convenient & affordable!

Read here for promotion package.

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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Launch of Intense Revival Hair Masque & Whispering Wind roll on perfume

Intense revival Hair masque

Whispering Wind roll on perfumes
- easy to carry
- elegant look
- ideal for Christmas gift

With effect from 8 September 2014, whilst stock last, grab an Intense Revival Hair Masque and a set of 3 fragrant whispering wind,  you get 1 set of whispering wind FREE!!!

Pre order yours NOW!

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Monday 1 September 2014

Orchestra, an elegant gift idea

If you need this lovely pouch, you can contact me.

Orchestra helps to
-detoxify the body
-boost immunity, improve cough and fever etc
-cleansing the liver & enhancing its filtering function
-regulate blood pressure,  cholesterol level
-prevent allergy
-prevent alzheimer
-weight management

It has anti cancer,  anti viral, anti bacteria & anti inflammatory properties.

Read more at:

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