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Why do i switch my family to the science of Nutritional Immunology?


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Nutritional Immunology studies the close relationship between nutrition and the immune system. Dr Jau-Fei Chens research shows that consuming healthy foods strengthens the immune system; a strong immune system can defend us from most illnesses. Nutritional Immunology emphasizes consuming natural, wholesome foods for good health and does not endorse consuming chemically processed foods. This science surpasses the study of basic nutrients essential for survival such as vitamins and proteins. Instead, Nutritional Immunology researches on how antioxidants, phytochemicals and polysaccharides etc help boost the immune system.

Nutritional Immunology emphasizes prevention over cure. It could be too late to search for a cure after we fall sick. Diseases can be better prevented if we provide our immune system with proper nourishment daily.

Most diseases are the result of a malfunctioning immune system. When the immune system is stimulated, for example, the body produces excessive IgE antibodies that will trigger allergic reactions such as skin allergies and hay fever. When the immune system is weak or not strong enough, it succumbs easily to cancer or infectious diseases, for example, SARS and other viral and bacterial infections. Rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus and other chronic diseases are autoimmune diseases caused by the immune systems inability to distinguish self from non-self.

I used to buy supplements like Vitamin C, Sambucus, Fish oil and Probiotic from the internet for my children, till i met my neighbour who share this wonderful wholesome super food to me and it really have changed my life.  It took me a month to do some research on what i had been giving them and what Nutritional Immunology is all about and how i should protect our young children who frequently fall sick from going to cc.  I know that by giving medication is of no use as medication is just a suppressant,  TCM is too medicinal but less invasive and it is time and cost consuming and i really had bad experience and providing supplements as abovementioned did not help either.  I felt helpless and clueless.  I had even brought them to the specialist but it did not help much but just more medication.  My children ever went to the PD and spent $700 each for March 2012 and subsequently my girl got hospitalised for fever and mild bronchitis even after 2 courses of antibotics, tons of medication and nebulising.  The hospitalisation bill came up to be $6k for 5 days.


After knowing Nutritional Immunology, it really makes my life different.  My children do not have to visit the doctor.  Even when they fall sick, they generally recover within a few days.  I do not have to worry and be tired of them falling sick and cross infection and affect the whole family.  I have shared with many friends and they really benefit from this science of Nutritional Immunology and i am really happy and most contented when friends came back to thank me. :)


Thanks to Dr Chen Jau Fei who has the mission to create a difference in everyone's life. 
Dr Chen Jau-Fei interview with Channel News Asia (CNA)

Dr. Jau-Fei Chen Introduction

The Life-Changing Science of Nutritional Immunology - by Dr. Jau-Fei Chen

Do you know who is the best doctor in the world???
It is our immune system that God has given us.  Not drugs which are created by mankind.  Do you ever wonder why technology is so advance now and why there is even higher cancer rates?  See cancer rates in Singapore,

Oh what is my topic again?
The right nutritional wholesome food are combined together to better nourish our immune system and help us to Defence, cleanse and repair.  2 ingredients in Oxyginberries are patented, they are Ginseng Berries and Cactus Fruit.  They have high antioxidants and phytochemicals to nourish our cells.

The right species, parts and harvesting time are taken into consideration in preparation of these convenient products.  It can be taken conveniently as beverages or capsules.


Food Safety Excellence Award for 10 consecutive years including 2013.  It has GMP certification as well.  It is not a drug thus no HSA certification. 

-Cutting Edge Technology and state-of-the-art machineries
To retain the best nutrition during the processing, freeze dry (, spray mist drying (, low heat drying, high purifying fine filtration methods are used on different kind of wholesome food.
The above findings have further supported that my CHOICE in switching is RIGHT.  Thank you E excel for making a difference in our family and friends around me.  Dr Chen dreams of a disease free world, i dream of sharing this science to more mankind.

If you would like to understand the secret of healthy living, contact us.

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