Monday 11 February 2019

Poor Diet~Poor Sleep

Are they interrelate?  Yes!!!
Study has shown that 
"Low fiber and high saturated fat and sugar intake is associated with lighter, less restorative sleep with more arousals."

Due to the poor diet mentioned above, sleep is affect.  Poor sleep pattern affects our immunity to function to its best ability which consequences are poor health, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. 

When one is sleep deprived, he tends to binge eating and having supper.  This therefore worsen the diet.

Ultimately, it becomes a vicious cycle.  Some people might gone into depression, resort to medication for sleeping problem, health failure etc.

In the Science of Nutritional Immunology, it study the relationship between the food we eat and our immune system.  The food we eat is directly link to our health.

Factors which affect our immune system are
- Unhealthy diet such as fried food
- Unhealthy lifestyle such as exposing to cancer causing agents
- Emotion such as stress
- Lack of exercise

Tips on how to improve your diet and sleep
1. Consume high fibre and protein diet in the morning as it is the most important meal of the day when we break fast
2. Cut back on sugar and juices
3. Cut down on caffeine as it impairs our repair function of our body
4. Avoid supper as it needs time to be digested
5. Stay hydrated with Chamoment
6. Walk at least 10 thousands steps a day
7. Stay positive! 😃
8. Constant learning as it keeps your brain active during the day. 

Thank you and best regards
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