Friday 14 March 2014

Long working hours taking a toll on our health

 Are we selling our life to our boss n let him control our dreams?

Ours dreams, family time, finance and health are in HIS hands why not ours?

I CHOOSE to be the owner of my life and not let ANYONE DICTATE me.

How about you? What will u be in 5 years time?

Read about my work life balance here.

Be wise. We are no longer alone. We have to think and make decision for our family.

Thank you and best regards

Thursday 13 March 2014

Medical bills in Singapore is too high

I talked to a friend who wants to move out of sg becos the medical bill in sg is too high. 

Just some thoughts. 
Does it mean if the medical bill is low, one should afford to fall sick or take health for granted n submit their health to the doc? 

What is a doctor? I find doc is someone who gives us drug to suppress and relieve our symptoms and prolong our lives with drugs or treatments. Does it really us or destroy us?

Do u know who is the best doc in the world?
It is given by God, our immune system. Are we safeguarding it? We need this doc not man made drugs.

Nutritional immunology is a science that studies the relationship between the food we eat and our immune system and thanks to Dr Chen Jau Fei for being the founder.

Read more here on how nutritional immunology can improve ur health and quality lifestyle.

Thank you and best regards

Monday 10 March 2014

My food poisoning experience

I had food poisoning on 2 March 2014.

Upon reaching home on sunday night, i had diarrhea once before bed. The next morning, i woke up with discomfort at 6am.  I started to vomit and diarrhea several times till 8am.  It was so bad till i could not stand up to prepare the children's breakfast and i had to get hubby to send the kids to the school bus.  I went to rest on the bed from 8am to 12pm and was trying hard to sleep.  When i woke up at 12pm, i realised i was having fever.  Throughout the whole day i did not eat anything and was bed ridden as my fever was 39 degree throughout the say.  I only took Nutritional Immunology food for recovery from fever and detoxification.  I slept from 8am to 730am the next day and basically woke up to drink, pee, diarrhea and bathed.

The following was what i took on 3 March 2014, Monday.
12pm - 2 sachets of Nutrifresh
1pm - Celebration (Similar to Millennium Gold)
3pm - Celebration
5pm - Refresh
7pm - Celebration
8pm - Encore
1030pm - Celebration and Nutriact

Fever gone on Tuesday morning!  Just 1 day!

4 March 2014, Tuesday.
8am - Nutriact
830am - Celebration
930am - Triflora
2pm - Celebration
5pm - Nutriact
830pm Celebration and Nutriact

5 March 2014, Wednesday
I still continue my Nutriact on wednesday but triflora i have been drinking daily alternate with Refresh as the haze is bad.  Triflora good to soothe the throat too!

I did not see the doctor yet i still able to recover through the science of nutritional immunology food.  Be a wise consumer!

Food for medicine!

Read more here:

Thank you and best regards