Thursday 13 March 2014

Medical bills in Singapore is too high

I talked to a friend who wants to move out of sg becos the medical bill in sg is too high. 

Just some thoughts. 
Does it mean if the medical bill is low, one should afford to fall sick or take health for granted n submit their health to the doc? 

What is a doctor? I find doc is someone who gives us drug to suppress and relieve our symptoms and prolong our lives with drugs or treatments. Does it really us or destroy us?

Do u know who is the best doc in the world?
It is given by God, our immune system. Are we safeguarding it? We need this doc not man made drugs.

Nutritional immunology is a science that studies the relationship between the food we eat and our immune system and thanks to Dr Chen Jau Fei for being the founder.

Read more here on how nutritional immunology can improve ur health and quality lifestyle.

Thank you and best regards

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