Monday 10 March 2014

My food poisoning experience

I had food poisoning on 2 March 2014.

Upon reaching home on sunday night, i had diarrhea once before bed. The next morning, i woke up with discomfort at 6am.  I started to vomit and diarrhea several times till 8am.  It was so bad till i could not stand up to prepare the children's breakfast and i had to get hubby to send the kids to the school bus.  I went to rest on the bed from 8am to 12pm and was trying hard to sleep.  When i woke up at 12pm, i realised i was having fever.  Throughout the whole day i did not eat anything and was bed ridden as my fever was 39 degree throughout the say.  I only took Nutritional Immunology food for recovery from fever and detoxification.  I slept from 8am to 730am the next day and basically woke up to drink, pee, diarrhea and bathed.

The following was what i took on 3 March 2014, Monday.
12pm - 2 sachets of Nutrifresh
1pm - Celebration (Similar to Millennium Gold)
3pm - Celebration
5pm - Refresh
7pm - Celebration
8pm - Encore
1030pm - Celebration and Nutriact

Fever gone on Tuesday morning!  Just 1 day!

4 March 2014, Tuesday.
8am - Nutriact
830am - Celebration
930am - Triflora
2pm - Celebration
5pm - Nutriact
830pm Celebration and Nutriact

5 March 2014, Wednesday
I still continue my Nutriact on wednesday but triflora i have been drinking daily alternate with Refresh as the haze is bad.  Triflora good to soothe the throat too!

I did not see the doctor yet i still able to recover through the science of nutritional immunology food.  Be a wise consumer!

Food for medicine!

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