Monday 28 May 2018

Darkest month (April 2018) of my life...

Some closer friends asked me what happened to me. I have been busy and finally catching up with my blogging and youtubing.

I was on holidays from 25 March to 4 April 2018 in Tokyo.

1 April 2018, my aunt left to be with our Lord after struggling with colon cancer for 2 years.

2 April 2018, my helper started to fall ill and it went on for a month.  In between we sent her to doctor twice and she slept most of the time and hardly do any work or cook and my MIL was crazily running around to fetch my kids from school and enrichment and we ate out most of the time too.

6 April 2018, my sister finally got some time to bring my mum to polyclinic to check her prolong cough after helping my cousins' with their mum funeral.  Doctor gave my mum painkiller and cough medicine and thankfully we are armed with health knowledge and my sister demanded more than just medication and insisted more checks and the doctor relented and give my mum x ray.  Immediately after x ray, doctor found that her right lung was filled with water and 4 white spots were detected and gave my sis a letter to SGH for A&E admission.
That same day, i went for my 1st gynae visit too.  That evening i brought in a series of our Healthy Fast Food to my mum.
She spent 2 weeks in hospital draining the water and went through x rays and scans.
Only after 2 weeks then the specialist met us to confirm that she has stage 4 lung cancer and the treatment recommended was general chemo. She turned down chemo as she saw how a stage 4 colon cancer patient suffered through chemo.
During these 2 weeks of waiting in hospital, my mum diligently take the series of our Healthy Fast Food i recommended to nourish her health for self recovery and she is taking till date.
I'm glad that myself, being the one who is a stronger believer in the science of nutritional immunology in my family, is able to educate my family on a healthier way of life.
My mum is an ex thyroid cancer patient and she had operation in 2012.

Coming back to my gynae visit, everything went well till the end my gynae found another smaller fetus... meaning i have a momo twin but as the other one is so much smaller, he said it will most likely ended a vanishing twin and there was nothing i could do...

Since that friday, i start to pray fervently and cry every night.  I picked myself up after a week and move on.  Maybe some people see that i seemed ok and like nothing happen, well, life still goes on, i have to be resilient and being professional in my work.

30 April 2018, we finally made the decision to send our helper of 3 years home to recuperate and got a transfer maid.  Let's pray that she continue to serve us well.

During this period, i learnt a lot of things.

I have interviewed some patients and ex patients. Let me just share 4.
A stranger aunty Catherine, 53 only, was quite athletic, at last stage of Colon cancer and going through chemo.  Her 3 children are doctors. I was holding back my tears as she said her story with me. I wonder how's she now. She's a optimistic lady and I how she manage her disease with peacein her heart.

A grab driver, had heart by pass at 40+ and his bb was 2 months old then. He is 40+ now. Quitted smoking.

My primary school good friend, her dad was admitted to hospital 2 months ago for cancer.  He passed on 14 Apr not knowing what cancer.

My aunt passed on on 1 Apr while I was in Japan. Her medical bill came up to 400k.

You might say then don't treat me and just let me die. It is not as simple as we thought.  Singapore has no human right to put ourselves to sleep. Catherine shared that she disagreed on chemo but she have to go through cos the pain is killing her.  Chemo ease her pain a bit.

It is saddening.  It is important to be a wiser consumer to learn how to safeguard our health.

Health is our greatest asset
Invest in our health

Christine is 1 of my clients whom we met on cyber world. Learn how she safeguard her family health through the science of nutritional immunology.

Be healthier when you are healthy.
I wish you, my friend, be a wiser consumer, be a 🌞to your family.  💖

Our founder, Dr Chen Jau Fei mentioned before, even if there is a cure, do we have money? A transplant or treatment can easily cost half a million.  So before we fall sick, make sure we have enough money otherwise we would leave to die in a slow death and torture.  Therefore it is wiser to build a passive income while we are healthy and young and leave a legacy for ourselves.

I had been taking turn with my sisters to care for my mum at the hospital.  If I did not have a such a career with flexibility of time, most of the day shift will be shouldered by my eldest sister. With a successful business system, I could still earn  a passive income. December 2017 I went for a month of holidays. Having a successful business system, I didn't have to take leave nor have pay cut.  I enjoy a passive income.

Many a time,  people at this point reading this might not relate to my sharing and in front of you,  you might not see these risks coming.  For me, I think far. It can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere in your life.  Prepare for rainy days, build a successful business system now.

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Friday 11 May 2018

Greatest Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is round the corner. What is the best gift you can give your parents?
Both our folks are pretty old in their 70s.  To me, Happiness and Health are the most important in their golden age.

For me, not much of an elaborate celebration but my constant education on health and gift of health food for them.

This year, i created 2 videos for my mum and MIL too.

How about you?

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Surprise for our kids!!!

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*Please respect the writer.  Pls do not copy her content, pictures and testimonials belonging to her. Thank you.*