Thursday 17 June 2021

What do we take before Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination?

Initially i was skeptical with covid-19 vaccination however i have been learning from World Nutritional Immunologist, Dr Chen Jau Fei and Dr EE Zhang since May 2020 at their monthly online health talks on the progression of the vaccination, i grown confident in having vaccination for my family.

Having said that, been vaccinated does not means we are bullet-proof from getting covid-19. To increase the effectiveness and reducing the impact of suffering from Covid-19, our immune system is still the key to health.

99% of the illnesses are caused by the malfunction of our immune system.
when 1mm ie 1 million cancer cells is detected by the most advance medical equipment, generally 2/3 of the cancer journey is gone.

Being healthier when we are health, lead a Nutritional Immunology lifestyle.

For those who are about to get yours or sending your kids for jab , do take note of the following
1) be hydrated well
2) after the jab, you might experience possible side effects such as body ache, swelling and pain at injection site, fever, chills, headaches, tiredness, lymph node swelling(usually gets better by itself for the swelling in a week or so ) at neck or arms.
3) Do take rest and don't exert yourself in physical activities.

What did we take before we have our Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination?

My Mother in Law and hubby took the vaccination before myself and Alyssa.  They had taken Nutritional Immunology food before their vaccination and experienced lesser side effect after the vaccination.

Myself, i had my 1st vaccination at 930am and late after i started to feel a bit sore on the arm till the next day late afternoon. No fever non feeling tired.  I still went to work.

Alyssa, 12 years old, had her 1st vaccination at 8am and on and off felt a bit sore on her arm. 

Both of us took Rosytime before our 1st Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination. 

I have a few clients who taken the vaccination and feedback to me that they did not experience very much of the side effects as most people too. 

Nourish our immune system with 3 disease fighting nutrients of Phytochemicals, Antioxidants and Polysaccharides to help us self defence, cleanse and repair.

Nourishing our body is a constant affair and not when we fall sick.

Journey with us to lead a Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle to stay Healthier, and Happier!

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