Wednesday 10 May 2017

Soy Myths

Few years into my healthy fast food career, I having been hearing the misconception of soy.

Have you heard of soy will cause gout?
Have you heard of soy is not suitable for boys?

Poor soy... It has so much health benefits yet being accused πŸ˜“

I came across these articles on soy and I hope they are useful to you.

Soy does not cause gout! ←click to read

I have weaned off my kids from dairy milk and cheese since young with my younger boy was 2+ years old and elder girl 4+ years old due to several reasons.
1. Dairy milk leaches calcium
2. Formula Milk are fortified
3. Risks of having animals hormone and antibiotics in the milk
4. Animal cruelty

Since they were young, we have been taking this healthy breakfast to start our day right and healthy.

Be a wiser consumer, be healthier when healthy.

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Thursday 4 May 2017

Power up your brain and concentration!

Exam coming?
Lack of concentration?
Too stress?
Lack of sleep?

Take tothink!

It works for me when i lacked of sleep or need concentration when I conduct training.

I add on tothink to alyssa's diet for better concentration n increase her learning ability. Although she sleeps less, I don't really see her yawn.

toThink is concentrated with American ginseng and lion's mane mushroom.

E-memories (←click to read more) has lion's mane mushroom, American ginseng and ashitaba leaves powder.

Power up your brain NOW. Contact us for more details.

For more information, please read here.

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Alyssa high fever a week before exam

Alyssa came home with high fever yesterday after school.  She was at 38.5 degree at 1.30pm. Feeling lethargic, she skipped her lunch and dinner altogether and slept from 3pm to 8am the next day with intermittent to the loo and some drinks.

I'm not worried as I have already mastered the wise knowledge to safeguard my family and friends' health.

At 11pm last night

Within a day, her high fever is gone!!! Praise God!

Above is on top of her daily nourishment.

In this modern society where food is abundant, we are not lack of carbo and protein in our daily diet but nutrients that help us to keep our body healthier when we are healthy.

I feel it pays to be a wiser mummy who constantly learn and grow after graduating, helps in my family health and finances, inculcate the children with the right upbringing and values in life and bringing happiness to our family and people around us.

Today I texted her Form Teacher that she's unable to attend school and asked if there is any homework which we can pick up for her. I was informed that she's going through practice test paper later.  I showed her the message.  My hubby told me to bring her to school at 1030am when the teacher reverted.  Will you? I didn't.  Reason is simple. What will she learns from here? She has to learn the cause and effect and everyone of us has ownership of our health, study, what we say and do, future etc. If I dont let her learn now then WHEN? Arev you with me???

I'm thankful to have embarked on this purposeful career that God has put in my life to transform my world and people around me.

Food for thought:
Be healthier when we are healthy
Not be healthy when sick
Prevention is better than cure
Prevention is cheaper than cure

Do you prepare your kids for school?
I prepare my kids for life.  ☺

Do you want to transform your life to create great values to your love ones around you?

I await your whatsapp message to transform our lives together. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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