Wednesday 10 May 2017

Soy Myths

Few years into my healthy fast food career, I having been hearing the misconception of soy.

Have you heard of soy will cause gout?
Have you heard of soy is not suitable for boys?

Poor soy... It has so much health benefits yet being accused 😓

I came across these articles on soy and I hope they are useful to you.

Soy does not cause gout! ←click to read

I have weaned off my kids from dairy milk and cheese since young with my younger boy was 2+ years old and elder girl 4+ years old due to several reasons.
1. Dairy milk leaches calcium
2. Formula Milk are fortified
3. Risks of having animals hormone and antibiotics in the milk
4. Animal cruelty

Since they were young, we have been taking this healthy breakfast to start our day right and healthy.

Be a wiser consumer, be healthier when healthy.

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