Thursday 22 June 2017

Vegan handbags from Japan

Our family are on holidays to Japan from 9 to 25th June 2017. We  had went to Tokyo and Kyoto and now I am here writing at Osaka Swissotel Nankai.

This trip I have the intention of hunting for vegan bags and I am glad I found it!

A friend asked me, "Is Vegan bag expensive?"

It depends how we look at it.
If we compare to real leather, it is very cheap.
If it is compare to other PU leather, it is a little more expensive but design is more outstanding (their own Unique Selling Point - USP). For Samantha Vega (SV) & Samantha Thavasa, they have monthly newsletter with new bags!!!

You pay for what you get. 😊

Similar analogy with our nutritional immunology food. We can't compare with other supplements. We are food they are vitamin or food with fortification or enhancement.

Comparing nutritional Immunology food with organic food, we carry out 2000 stringent tests for high contamination such as heavy metals, pesticides etc while the latter do not have.  Our USP is our preventive health science of Nutritional Immunology!

Take a look at my vegan bag i bought at Tokyo.
It is about S$180, a limited edition handbag in collaboration with the mall and SV.

Didn't have enough and bought another vegan bag from June collection at Kyoto and complimentary lime green USB from their shop promotion. It cost about S$170.

Buy vegan handbags and support anti animal cruelty. 

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