Saturday 26 October 2019

Anlinna's fractured foot

After i pumped out my breastmilk, i RAN up the stairs to change my clothes to go for my Bible Study Fellowship.  Unfortunately, i tripped when i almost reached the top...

9 Oct 2019 10:07am
The swelling was not obvious.  I almost blackout when i injured it...

9 Oct 2019 2:20pm
The swelling got worse and i could not even walk...

9 Oct 2019 6:26pm
Broken 5th metatarsal Mid shaft oblique

10 Oct 2019 9:56am
Saw the Orthopedic and told to put on this expensive shoe i ever have in my life, 1 side for $350 haha...

Reason for wearing cast or boot is to immobilize the injured area to avoid stretching, knocking and movement to that area.  The 1st couple of weeks are very important as our body self heal.  Usually for fracture, there is nothing much can be done.  Even with operation, it just shorten recovery by a couple of weeks only.  Our body has the ability to self heal.  To speed up self healing, a healthier immune system is important.  Our immune system is a very complex mechanism however with the right nutrients to our body we can effectively self defend, cleanse and repair ourselves and even prevent diseases and cancers!

13 Oct 2019 21:34pm
Blue black at the base of my right foot

13 Oct 2019 21:34pm
Even the side and toes

I had my 2 weeks review on 24 Oct 2019, doctor said my healing was very good!  However i am strongly encourage to wear my boot for another 4 weeks due to the area which i injured my foot and i will be leaving to Australia for Christmas so i need to take extra care by moving less and staying healthy even with frequent night breastfeeding.

How did i improve so well these 2 weeks?

24 Oct 2019 830am

Also, so thankful that i have an international app business that i can work with anytime, anywhere with anyone! I still have an income even when i am less mobile or on holidays!

Continue to follow me as i update my progress!

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Friday 4 October 2019

Can pregnant women and babies take Rosytime?

Can pregnant women and babies take Rosytime?
Of course!

Share with a short video of baby Elijah. He is 11 months old now. 😊

Baby Elijah was sick since Tue with dripping nose and feverish at night. Although no dripping nose since Thur, those 2 nights he had hard time sleeping and I barely slept too as he woke up hourly after 12 midnight...😳

Some people were curious and asked if baby Elijah takes Nutritional Immunology food.

Mummy has been taking Nutritional Immunology healthy breakfast to give the best quality breastmilk to baby Elijah.  This was his 1st time having bad flu and fever but last 2 days only.  Since Tue, I have been giving him Rosytime frequently to boost his immunity to self recovery. I'm glad that I did not resort to medication but manage with wholesome super food. Food for medicine. 

The most important thing here is, before I got to know the science of Nutritional Immunology, I used to feed medication myself to my kids when they were sick as I worried that my helper might give wrong medication or overdoze. Read more here.  Now I am worry free!  I let my helper and care giver feed Nutritional Immunology food to my baby and do not have to worry about wrong Nutritional Immunology food or overdose as the ingredients are just high quality and quantity wholesome freeze dried plant, fruits and vegetables!

Baby Elijah starts taking Rosytime at about 6 months old. Myself, all the way from before conceived and I get back in shape within 5 months with no diet program, exercise, massage.

Let's be a wiser consumer together. 😃 

Make an appointment with me how i lead a healthy pregnancy and raise smarter kids wholistically!

Journey with me and lead a Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle to be free from diseases and cancers.

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