Saturday 14 February 2015

Parenting Tips, 14 Feb15

My first patenting tips sharing in Valentine's Day.

Be patient to read on.

conversation with Alyssa this morning while walking to her enrichment class.

A: mummy,  what's 1 million in Chinese?
Me: 一百万. what would u do if u have 1 million dollar?
A: donate. mummy,  how to say donate in Chinese?
Me : 我会捐給慈善机构。
Me: Good. I explain to her 2 choices she can have.  1. she can donate all.  2. she can keep her capital and let her money grow and donate the passive income.  this way,  she keeps the capital and has more to give in the long term.
which choice will u choose Alyssa?
A: 2

Me: Alyssa,  what did u say during ur current affair show & tell on wed?
A: I told them it is not good to drink drugs.
Me: Do u know that medicine is drug? do you know you have been drinking drugs from 2 to 4 and even got hospitalised before we got to  know the science of nutritional Immunology? taking drugs burden the kidneys.  I explained how our kidneys function is similar to our water filter.  we can change the water filter parts but we cant change our kidneys.  the more we should avoid hotdogs, fries and process food so that we won't burden our kidneys.
Do u think you have learnt a lot this morning?
A: yes mummy.

I asked Zachary the same thing when I met him at the food court.
Me: what would you do if you have 1 million dollar?
Z: I would buy you a sports car mummy. (we used to tell them that we sold my car to have them and I missed my Mitsubishi i car)
Me: I explain the passive income theory. he agreed on 2 too.

Zachary likes reading but he dont like to read himself but to be read.
Me: Zachary,  do you think that reading is important?
Z: no (answered cheekily)
Me: Do u think learning is important?
Z: (same reaction)
Me: what do you want to be when you grow up? Z: fireman
Me: What does it take to be a fireman?
Z: hat,  helmet,  ......
Me: besides that?  do you think fireman needs to read on how the engine operate?
Z: Yes
Me: Do you think reading is important?
Z: Yes

How do I attain this parenting skills?  Reading, listening,  watching, attending self improvement and children related materials and seminars and most importantly internalized and act upon it!

Why are we feeding their brains by upgrading them and want them to be advance and are we doing the same in order to catch up with the modern society?

children don't do what we say,  they model us.  we need to lead by example.

quality time and quality conversation with my children this morning.

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