Tuesday 27 May 2014

My dream...

Dr Chen's vision and action changes the world.

Because of her action, e excel is born.

Because e excel is born, i now able to carry out my childhood vision and change the world with her.

She dreams of a disease free world.

I dream of being a (church) volunteer fr young.  A little dream of mine that not many people know abt.

You too can make the world a better place.

Start by your ACTIONS.

Thank you and best regards

Saturday 24 May 2014

Latest update


2 Jun 14- new hair color kit will be available

Below will launch before October 2014
1. Gentle facial wash 

2. Intense revival Hair mask

Below will be launched after October.
1. E-excel Blended Cooking oil - using perilla and macadamia nut
- will be launched latest by year end
- made in the USA

2. Breath Freshener film, no artificial sweetness n coloring,
 -Luo Han Guo as sweetener and Orchestra as 'active ingredient'
- launching date not confirmed yet
-4 flavours

3. Soy sauce
- launching date not confirmed yet

4. 5 additional lipstick colors by year end

Next year new launch will be
1. Hair products for men and hair growth products.

2. Whispering wind perfumes
- come in 4 fragrants - flower, lavender, lemongrass/ peppermint
-easy to carry
-looks like a pen , roll on

3. Youth Rejuvenator specialist

How to use:
Oxyginberry essence -> youth rejuvenator specialist -> other moisturizing pdts

4. E White - advanced illuminating (to prevent pigmentation)
- snow serum - morning
- regenerating cream - night
- intensive reviving mask - has PFCs

Other info :
Change in millennium liquid packaging using machine from Japan patented inner layer
4-5 years shelf life if unopened.

Essence series will go thru change in formula with new packaging.

Read more at:

Thank you and best regards

Tuesday 20 May 2014

My 1st Incentive Trip to ... TAIWAN!!!

Fully paid by E Excel!

I embarked my first incentive trip to Taiwan with E Excel from 24 to 29 April 2014.  It was indeed a fun, fruitful and amazing experience travelling with a group of like minded team mates and sharing our journey in E Excel.  Our company customised the tour package just for us, giving us the best food and service with an angbao (red packet for us).

24 April 2014

Upon reaching Taiwan, we went to Jiufen old street to release sky lantern.

Played the game and won 2 scoops of ice cream!

For my precious little ones

We headed to Sun World Dynasty Hotel for a 3 night stay and had our dinner nearby.  Welcome gift from the company for us in the hotel room.

 After dinner, we went to the mall nearby and bought my favourite  Melissa shoes at a steal! I bought the pink and black Melissa shoes at half the price. :)

25 April 2014
Vigor Pineapple Tart DIY Dream Factory.


Lunch and shopping at Xi Meng Ding next.


 E Excel Gala Dinner

26 Apr 2014

After breakfast we headed to Linkou Stadium for E Excel Taiwan Convention 2014 with Emil Chou as our guest singer.


 After the convention, we were brought to Ah Mei Restaurant for dinner.  We were suppose to go Wu Jiao Chuan Ban Restaurant but the previous batch who went commented that the food standard had dropped and the company immediately change a restaurant for us.  How nice!


We were sent back to hotel and headed out to shopping and before we returned to hotel we went for HK dessert at Tang Chao.

My only purchase for that night.

27 April 2014
On the way to Tai - I Ecological Farm via high speed train for lunch.  Ms Rose had a sharing with us and she reminded me that we should give back to the society.  Finally,  in the name of WHOLESOME SUPER FOOD, we have adopted 2 children from Nepal with WORLD VISION, a girl and a boy.  It has been my long time dream to adopt a child and through E Excel business, i fulfilled my little dream.


 Alfafa and rose petal in seaweed wrap, my favourite!!!




 After lunch we headed to CinJing veterans Farm.


 We went to Old England Castle nearby for our late Hi-tea.

After the late Hi-tea, we were driven to Feng Jia Night Maket for shopping and dinner.




Coming back for this! See you again after 8 years! 



 Evergreen Hotel @ Taichung

28 April 2014
We were at Yilang National Cnter for Taditional Art.


















Evergreen Hot Spring Resort served us a cup of hot drink upon reaching.


 Green bags are complimentary too!

F&B in the fridge were complimentary too!

My mentor bought this for my sister.







 So cold till the fondue got frozen.


Leaving Taiwan.  At the airport.

 Home Sweet Home.

Thank you and best regards