Saturday 24 May 2014

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2 Jun 14- new hair color kit will be available

Below will launch before October 2014
1. Gentle facial wash 

2. Intense revival Hair mask

Below will be launched after October.
1. E-excel Blended Cooking oil - using perilla and macadamia nut
- will be launched latest by year end
- made in the USA

2. Breath Freshener film, no artificial sweetness n coloring,
 -Luo Han Guo as sweetener and Orchestra as 'active ingredient'
- launching date not confirmed yet
-4 flavours

3. Soy sauce
- launching date not confirmed yet

4. 5 additional lipstick colors by year end

Next year new launch will be
1. Hair products for men and hair growth products.

2. Whispering wind perfumes
- come in 4 fragrants - flower, lavender, lemongrass/ peppermint
-easy to carry
-looks like a pen , roll on

3. Youth Rejuvenator specialist

How to use:
Oxyginberry essence -> youth rejuvenator specialist -> other moisturizing pdts

4. E White - advanced illuminating (to prevent pigmentation)
- snow serum - morning
- regenerating cream - night
- intensive reviving mask - has PFCs

Other info :
Change in millennium liquid packaging using machine from Japan patented inner layer
4-5 years shelf life if unopened.

Essence series will go thru change in formula with new packaging.

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