Tuesday 18 February 2014

Live with Dr Chen Jau Fei at MBS on 15 feb 2014

Live with Dr chen at MBS on 15 feb 2014.

World renowned Nutritional Immunologist and founder of the science of Nutritional Immunology.

She covered omega 3 and 6 and other health topics. You could see that the event hall was full and response was overwhelming. We got a special edition oseed worth $31 and a book on omega 3 and 6. I am glad I made it there.

Can't wait for the nxt session on 13 apr 2014!!!

A picture of myself with Dr Chen on last year charity night. 

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Wednesday 12 February 2014

Franchise business opportunity


Congratulations, you are a step closer to achieve your dreams!!! πŸ’­πŸ’­πŸ’­

I am Anlinna.  I am an Ultimate Freedom Mentor.  I tried out several ways to make money after graduation, this is what most people do isn’t it?

Before i start sharing about this business opportunity, i would like to share about my background.

I am an ACCA graduate, was a stay at home mum (sahm) for nearly 5 years, and i have been looking out for opportunity to start something flexible so that i can quality time for my children.  By chance, i met a neighbour who shared with me the Science of Nutritional Immunology with the intention to improve my preschoolers immunity (http://wholesomesuperfood.blogspot.sg/2013/07/why-do-i-switch-my-whole-family-to.html) and from there i see the business opportunity coming along thus i started WHOLESOME SUPER FOOD to share with people on how to gain ultimate freedom on health, wealth and time with family.

Let me analyse what are the ways our income can possibly come from.
I found a job after I graduated from ACCA and was in the working force for 8 years.  I realise that we are trading money for time and the amount of time I put in did not justify the time I put in.  My life was basically controlled by the person who paid me money.

Self Employed
Therefore I decided to start my online business, Reverie Island, selling kids stuff as I thought it would be a great market.  I did an e commerce site for transaction to be carried out and it was basically a B2C business.  It was tough being a self-employed as I was in a one man show and I had no clue of making it a successful one as I did not have a successful business system to follow and mentor to guide me.  It was really a trial and error.

After seeing my parents running a F&B store, I came to realise that this model of earning money was far worse than being an employee.  As they had to worry about rental, perishable food and long working hours and my mum ended with cancer in her 60s due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Business System
How do we determine a person is successful?  In my opinion, a person is considered successful must have health, time and money freedom, having their love ones around to enjoy the fruit of his success and ability to contribute back to the society and adding values to people's lives.

There are in fact many ways to earn money.  However which business is able to give you freedom of health as the top priority.

The first Wealth is Health.

Finally, I come to know a business system which first Wealth is Health and pays me base on result not on time.  It has allow me to spend quality time with my family and friends as well as myself and i receive my thank you notes from my clients and business partners.  With more wealth, we can have the greater ability to help others.

I have found my way to success and I want to share with you.

A successful business system must have the following criterias.
1. Company
a) Entrepreneur's mindset (ability to build a sustainable business and able to pass on from generation to generation)
i) Constant R&D 
ii) Investment in infrasture 
b) Remarkable background: international R&D institution 

2. Products
a) Excellent (does it has track record of continuous AVA certificate, GMP and MSDS certification?
b) Constant R&D
c) Self reliant (self produce, selfmanufacture, self distribute)
d) Market dominance
i) Highly consumable
ii) Strong repeat purchase
iii) Scientific base
e)  Extensive market: from infants to elderly
f) Monopoly: Uniqueness
g) No side effects:  consumption of fruits and vegetables will not cause any side effects 
h) variety and specialty: every product is core product

3. Business Plan
a) Fair, reasonable and equitable
b) Easy to succeed 
c)  Success Methodology
d) Fair distribution of rewards

4. Market
a) Extensive market: no limit
b) International Business model

5. Education
We provide constant training for our business partners.  We focus on team work, simple and easy duplication to help everyone achieve more together.

As a Health Fast Food franchise owner, unlike traditional business, i have flexibility of time and yet still running an expanding business.  I am still able to attend all my children school events, excursions, bring them for enrichment classes and coach them in school work, family time after their full day cc and on weekends, go for 2 weeks holidays twice a year at least, nothing changes. But now financially i am able to provide more for the family,  quality lifestyle and better health as they do not need to seek doctor anymore.

Through this low capital (almost zero) franchise business opportunity, i am able to gain an ULTIMATE FREEDOM, friendship, free travelling and doing charity!

(i) Time freedom
Ability to own more than 24 hours a day thru leveraging on team work.

This is crucial. In any business, the key to success is how many hours you are able to have a day.
A traditional boss will pay for other people's time.
Today , we leverage on a teamwork , our cost is ZERO.

(ii) Financial freedom
To convert active income to passive income.
We work  because we choose to not because we have to.

(iii)Health freedom
To gaom the wisdom to good health and to protect our immune system to prevent diseases.

On the 3rd month of my business, i reached my 4 figures income and it never drop since then.  Very soon i am going to catch up with my last drawn salary.  Isn't it amazing?!  I don't have to report to anyone and i can shower the same amount of attention i used to give my children when i was a sahm and i can have a quality lifestyle now.  Through this business, i also found some true friends, and learn a lot of personal development skills and i apply on my parenting too.  This business is so wholesome and having friends coming back with appreciation that they gain health, wealth and time with family.  Intangible joy!

If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later! ~Richard Branson

If you would like to know more, please WA me for more details on how we can work together to achieve your dreams.

Thank you and best regards
My dream is to create value in people's lives so that they can be successful and gain health, wealth and time.

As of May 2014, 1 year into the business, i am close to my last drawn salary and many more to come!

As of June 2014, i have exceeded my last drawn salary!

As of June 2016, I have helped my business partners in achieving their incentive trips.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Things I pack for holidays

This was what I packed for our 4 days trip to Bangkok last September.  Nutrifresh as the kids' milk with oxyginberry,   millennium in case they have fever and orchestra in case they cough, essence of time as a drink for them to share during the day. The rest were for daddy and mummy. 

During holidays, we used to pack medication but not this time because we found the science of nutritional Immunology. It is very common for children to fall sick during holidays as they have lesser rest and lesser nutritional food and that's the last thing parents want. So I ensure I bring sufficient nutritional immunology food to keep their immunity up. 

Read more here. 

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Tuesday 4 February 2014

What most doctor won't tell u about flu n cold

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The next time you experience a cold or the flu, remember this: rather than take conventional drugs to suppress uncomfortable symptoms, it’s better for your health to allow the cold or flu to run its course while you get plenty of physical and emotional rest.
Conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry would have you believe that there is no “cure” for the common cold, that you should protect yourself against the flu with a vaccine that is laden with toxic chemicals, and that during the midst of a cold or flu, it is favorable to ease your discomfort with a variety of medications that can suppress your symptoms.
Unfortunately, all three of these positions indicate a lack of understanding of what colds and flus really are, and what they do for your body.
Colds and flus are caused by viruses. So to understand what colds and flus do at a cellular level, you have to understand what viruses do at a cellular level.
Do you remember learning about cellular division in grade seven science class? Each of your cells are called parent cells, and through processes of genetic duplication (mitosis) and cellular division (cytokinesis), each of your parent cells divides into two daughter cells. Each daughter cell is then considered a parent cell that will divide into two more daughter cells, and so on.
Viruses are different from your cells in that they cannot duplicate themselves through mitosis and cytokinesis. Viruses are nothing but microscopic particles of genetic material, each coated by a thin layer of protein.
Due to their design, viruses are not able to reproduce on their own. The only way that viruses can flourish in your body is by using the machinery and metabolism of your cells to produce multiple copies of themselves.
Once a virus has gained access into one of your cells, depending on the type of virus involved, one of two things can happen:
  1. The virus uses your cell’s resources to replicate itself many times over and then breaks open (lyses) the cell so that the newly replicated viruses can leave in search of new cells to infect. Lysis effectively kills your cell.
  2. The virus incorporates itself into the DNA of your cell, which allows the virus to be passed on to each daughter cell that stems from this cell. Later on, the virus in each daughter cell can begin replicating itself as described above. Once multiple copies of the virus have been produced, the cell is lysed.
Both possibilities lead to the same result: eventually, the infected cell can die due to lysis.
Here is the key to understanding why colds and flus, when allowed to run their course while you rest, can be good for you:
By and large, the viruses that cause the common cold and the flu infect mainly your weakest cells; cells that are already burdened with excessive waste products and toxins are most likely to allow viruses to infect them. These are cells that you want to get rid of anyway, to be replaced by new, healthy cells.
So in the big scheme of things, a cold or flu is a natural event that can allow your body to purge itself of old and damaged cells that, in the absence of viral infection, would normally take much longer to identify, destroy, and eliminate.
Have you ever been amazed by how much “stuff” you could blow out of your nose while you had a cold or the flu? Embedded within all of that mucous are countless dead cells that your body is saying good bye to, largely due to the lytic effect of viruses.
So you see, there never needs to be a cure for the common cold, since the common cold is nature’s way of keeping you healthy over the long term. And so long as you get plenty of rest and strive to stay hydrated and properly nourished during a cold or flu, there is no need to get vaccinated or to take medications that suppress congested sinuses, a fever, or coughing. All of these uncomfortable symptoms are actually ways in which your body works to eliminate waste products and/or help your body get through a cold or flu. It’s fine to use over-the-counter pain medication like acetaminophen if your discomfort becomes intolerable or if such meds can help you get a good night’s rest. But it’s best to avoid medications that aim to suppress helpful processes such as fever, coughing, and a runny nose.
It’s important to note that just because colds and flus can be helpful to your body doesn’t mean that you need to experience them to be at your best. If you take good care of your health and immune system by getting plenty of rest and consistently making health-promoting dietary and lifestyle choices, your cells may stay strong enough to avoid getting infected by viruses that come knocking on their membranes. In this scenario, you won’t have enough weak and extraneous cells to require a cold or the flu to work its way through your body to identify and lyse them.
Curious about how to differentiate the common cold and the flu? Here is an excellent summary of the differences from cbc.ca:
A cold usually comes on gradually — over the course of a day or two. Generally, it leaves you feeling tired, sneezing, coughing and plagued by a running nose. You often don’t have a fever, but when you do, it’s only slightly higher than normal. Colds usually last three to four days, but can hang around for 10 days to two weeks.
Flu, on the other hand, comes on suddenly and hits hard. You will feel weak and tired and you could run a fever as high as 40 C. Your muscles and joints will probably ache, you will feel chilled and could have a severe headache and sore throat. Getting off the couch or out of bed will be a chore. The fever may last three to five days, but you could feel weak and tired for two to three weeks.
One final note on this topic: because the common cold and the flu are both caused by viruses, antibiotics are not necessary. People who take antibiotics while suffering with a cold or flu often feel slightly better because antibiotics have a mild anti-inflammatory effect. But this benefit is far outweighed by the negative impact that antibiotics have on friendly bacteria that live throughout your digestive tract. In this light, if you really need help with pain management during a cold or flu, it is usually better to take a small dose of acetaminophen than it is to take antibiotics.
Dr. Ben Kim, Guest
Waking Times
About The Author
Dr. Ben Kim is the author of www.drbenkim.comwhere this article originally appeared.
Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Higher Perspective, WakingTimes or its staff.


What do we mean by  NOURISH?
Nutritional Immunology is a science that studies the relationship between the nutritional food we eat and our immune system.

Read here too

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Antibiotics don't help in cough

Antibiotics don't clear up children's coughs any quicker - in fact they're as slow as using nothing at all

  • Cough medicine is the best treatment for coughs caused by a common cold, say Italian researchers
  • GPs simply give antibiotics to 'pacify parents,' despite the fact they are ineffective

Antibiotics are not effective in treating children’s coughs caused by the common cold and may even slow recovery down.
These were the conclusions of Italian researchers, who looked at the treatment of 305 children suffering such coughs.
Of the children, one group received antibiotics only, while another received combination of antibiotics and cough-suppressing medication. The rest of the children received nothing at all. 
They found those treated with both cough medicine and antibiotics recovered quicker than those just given antibiotics.

Children treated with both cough medicine and antibiotics recovered quicker than those just given antibiotics, who hate the same rate as those who were given no treatment
But those given only antibiotics recovered no quicker than the children given nothing.
The study was presented at annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians this week. 
Lead author Francesco de Blasio, of the University of Bologna, said GPs often wrote prescriptions for coughs to ‘pacify parents’.
He added: ‘However, antibiotics show very little effectiveness at treating cough due to your average head cold.’
Children treated with both cough medicine and antibiotics recovered quicker than those just given antibiotics, who hate the same rate as those who were given no treatment

‘Few drugs are as effective as cough suppressants, and antibiotics are no more effective in relieving cough than the use of no medication.’
NHS guidance states that antibiotics are not used to treat coughs because they are only effective in killing bacteria, not viruses.
Therefore, unless you develop a secondary bacterial infection, such as pneumonia, antibiotics will not usually be advised.
Indeed, although antibiotics may not be an effective therapy for cough, they can be useful in treating underlying infections that may produce cough, said Dr de Blasio. ‘But this does not mean they should be overused.
‘Using antibiotics as a treatment for cough without suspected infection is unnecessary and can be harmful. Repeated use of antibiotics, especially when they are ineffective, can lead to adverse allergic reactions or a resistance to the medications.’
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Read here too

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Monday 3 February 2014

Ignorant can cause harm to your children

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Cancer cases on the rise in Singapore-3 Feb 2014


Why is there an alarming increase in premature death and ageing?  We got to review the following and what the science of Nutritional Immunology advocates.

Prevention is better than cure.
-Eat the right nutritional food
-Sleep early and have enough rest
-Sufficient exercise
-Stay happy!

With modernisation,  we go for quick and non nutritional food and spend our nights working OT or party and playing computer games, and due to our busy lifestyle from our work, we lack of exercise and our work stress is killing us.  Are we striking a balance?

Lead a Nutritional Immunology lifestyle to live healthier and younger.

Dr Chen Jau Fei on CNA

NI part 1

NI part 2

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Parent must read: Toothpaste safety for your little ones

Read here.

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The Environmental Protection Agency also is reviewing triclosan, which the EPA regulates as a pesticide to slow or stop the growth of bacteria, fungi and mildew.

Danger of flouride

Danger of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate


The Science of Nutritional Immunology has been educating about the danger of Triclosan and fluoride since 6 years back from their health talks!

Consider this for your (and your little ones) safety:
http://www.eexcelasia.com/EN/Product/EV/JRMT/product4.aspx  which contains Oxyginberry complex ingredients.

Listen here for Dr Chen Jau Fei on safety on toothpaste.

Elemente toothpaste helps in:
Preventing tooth decay
Fills in crevices
Clearing plaque
Anti bacterial
Mouth freshener

It does NOT contain:
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Triclosan can be found in most toothpaste in the market.  Can u imagine this harmful substance in your toothpaste which are used as insecticide / pesticide and you are putting in your mouth daily?

Learn more here.

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