Saturday 10 May 2014

DNP for overhaul

Bought 3 boxes of DNP to last me 3-5 months for general body overhaul. To be taken with oxyginberry for optimum result.

First time DNP selling a la carte and at a promotional price.  Must grab! :)

Daily Nutrition Pack (DNP) is specially designed to restore balance and detoxify the body, allowing the body to achieve a healthy balance and maximum health-preserving effects.

Did u notice the box has a label DME 278312? It is the IC of the product. For every batch of products, the company will keep a sample till its expiry in the event if they need to check on it.

Did u also notice that the manufacturer and distributor are the same? It is not easy to find a company which self produce, self manufacture and self distribute.  It reflects a company being self reliant and consumers do not risk of sudden hike in pricing,  drop in quality, jeopardise in the safety of products etc.

Most importantly,  it has a science.  The science of NUTRITIONAL IMMUNOLOGY.


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