Monday 8 July 2013

Pregnant mummies must read

Dear Mummies

Many people think what the doctor says is always right.  One has to be mindful of what is being prescribed to us.  Be a wise consumer.  You may think what is given to you is beneficial but it may be harming you and your fetus.

Before we look further,  please read this.

Do we need drugs / synthetic supplements for our body?

Do We need folate or folic acid?  Why do doctor still prescibe?

Should you take EPA & DHA from fish oil or ALA from plant?
What plant has over fish:
Rich in ALA, an omega-3 essential fatty acid found ONLY in plants.
• No fishy smell and aftertaste.
• No risk of toxic contaminants.
• No side effects associated with fish oil supplements, e.g. diarrhea, abdominal bloating, nosebleeds.
• Fish oil may interact with medications, e.g. blood thinners, aspirin and high blood pressure drugs.
• An overdose of fish oil can lead to increased risk of stroke and cancer.
• Will not deplete vitamin E.
• Zero cholesterol and fat.
• Lower in calories. One tablespoon of cod liver oil has 122 calories.
• Has healthful antioxidants, phytochemicals and polysaccharides.
• Eco-friendly. Does not use blubber from endangered species of whales and seals. Dolphins may end up in fishermen’s nets with tuna, which is used in fish oil supplements.

Taking drugs / synthetic supplements,  there's a risk of overdoze. How about considering wholesome organic plant food which do not have risk of overdoze.  

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