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21 April 2013 Health Seminar at MBS by Dr Chen in mandarin

Following is what i learnt from Dr Chen.  References links are not quoted from her though and i have to search for relevant links to support what i learn.

There is an incubation period for different sicknesses.  You can refer to
During this period, no symptoms will arise.  So we and others will unknowingly spread germs to others.
When we go for (body) check up or other tests, the result will just show a either a positive or negative result our body react to that virus(es).  That does not means we will not get the virus(es).

Do you know that (whatever) cancers rate is going up?  And do you know the cause?
Please refer to:
People have taking their health for granted and assuming that they are young and could afford to eat "good" food and have long nights etc.  They are just overhauling their bodies.  Ironically, stress and pollutions are getting worse and people are not taking care of their health.  We can spend money on maintaining our pets, cars and indulgence but not on our HEALTH.

There are two kinds of cells.
One is like a baby cell which grows very fast while the other kind is what we called immortal cells.  Baby cells are just like baby which grows at face pace. We can have cancer cell which grows like baby, it will multiple very fast and it will be sooner to be detected and it also means that when it is detected, there might not be anything much you can do.  Some cells that should aged and died but didn't might ended to be cancerous, refer to  Some cells will only multiple at a pace of once every 6 months or even years later.  It is always good to maintain good cells in our body.  Once we have a single cancerous cell, it will multiple in its own pace.  When we go for our body check up we might not be able to detect with the x ray or ct scan till the cancerous cells have grown to a certain size.

Non Smoker women can still get lung cancer.  Why?
In fact, lung cancer is easier to be detected from smokers than non smokers.  It is harder to detect lung cancer in non smokers because the cancerous cells in the lung can spread and move to other parts of the body.  Please refer to (quite self explanatory). 
Non smokers could get lung cancer due to:
- Air pollutions like construction, renovation, carbon monoxide, etc
- Environmental / Job hazards. eg traffic police, shipping and construction job etc
- Radon.  Please reference .  So minimise by staying on higher floor, get your walls fixed, etc.
- 2nd hand smoke.  It does not mean you don't smoke in the house, you do not pass on 2nd hand smoke.  The toxic from the tobacco etc is stayed on your clothes and body and it can harm your family.
-Diesel. We do not bring out kids along when we need to pump petrol.
-Gas from stove.  Maybe you can try using induction cooker...?

- Asbestos powder and magnesium silicates.  Both are neighbouring minerals extracts.  The former is used in construction and the latter is used in cosmetics. Companies which do not have stringent QC might have traces of asbestos in their cosmetics.  Please refer to

And daily exposure to chemicals and especially being indoor as it is enclosed.  It can be 2-5 times worse than being outdoor.  Chemicals from eg:
- Air refreshener (Isopar.  You dont have to spray the room or toilet after you are done.  By doing so, you have masked the odour and at the same time breathing in more chemicals.
- Detergents and household products (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate )

Do you know X ray and CT Scan are harmful to our body?
When cancerous cells can be detected by X ray and CT Scan, there are probably millions of them in the body.  By doing regular X ray and CT scan will further aggravate and mutiple the cancerous cells. 
Eg Radiation from the bombing of Hiroshima
Having an x ray is equivalent to 2-3 years of normal radiation!

Why Vegetarians still can get cancer?
Usually vegetarian food is oilier and oil is actually not very good for health!  The following article is very good and it covers the topic on having too much omega 6 in our daily diet and too little omega 3.  I am glad that i have found something to replace my children cod liver fish oil which has higher omega 3 to balance their diet.  Please refer to .  Vegetarian should eat a colourful of fruit and vegetables.   Some fruits and vegetables have high pesticide to keep them green and fresh.  Usually vegetarian lack of the following.  Please refer to  About 1 to 1.5 kiwi daily provides sufficient omega 3 for an adult.  An egg has 3 times more cholesterol than meat thus we should cut down on meat and dairy products.  It is good for vegetarian to take soy. 

Leftover food and reheating cooked vegetables can cause cancer
Please refer to (quite self explanatory).  If food turns sour, we should throw immediately.  Do not eat overnight white fungus, preservative food and hotdogs etc.  Hotdog has high sodium nitrate which is cancerous.  12 hotdogs / month can increase leukaemia by 8 times.  Pregnant mum who takes 1-2 monthly can cause baby to have brain cancer by 1-2 time.  Please refer to

We should eat more vegetable and fruits, about 70% to 30% meat.  By eating 400gm more vegetables and fruit, there is a 40% lesser chance of getting cancer and being happy with enough rest and exercise cancer will be far away from us.

When we buy products, we should not look for efficacy but first look for the safety of the products.  Now, take a look at your current supplements, household products, food etc, are the manufacturer and the distributor the same?  More than often they are not.  If they are not, will the distributors QC on their manufacturers? 

Do you see cigarettes, synthetics supplements and processed food etc in the market?  Do you think they are safe and healthy?  I am sure you know the answer and you can still see them in the market.  Ultimately, it is the consumers to decide what is best and good for them. 

Anlinna Lim

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