Friday 5 July 2013

Zachary allergy / eczema is healed through the science of nutritional immunology

Zachary had eggs allergy and eczema since young.   Whenever he took eggs and eggs produces, the patch below his left eye would turn red and flaky. We saw pd and took allergy test too. Giving different kind of moisturisers and expensive steroid medication was just temporary.  With the steroid cream,  it healed faster but also left a white patch. I even got so used to pple asking me What's the red patch under his eye. He even can answered them...

Till one day my neighbour shared with me on nutritional immunology.   I started the children on oxyginberry with nutrifresh as their morning milk and oseed to replace their fish oil.  I used to give them probiotic,  fish oil,  vitamin c and sambucus but they didn't really help. After I read this,, I m glad that I make the choice to stop the synthetic supplements for nutritional immunology wholesome organic food.

Within a month,  we notice that Zachary does not seem to be allergy to eggs and his patch below his eye is gone!

If I were to know nutritional immunology earlier,  then I would not have spent so much effort on visiting pd n specialist.

Many times, the cause of allergies and diseases etc are caused by malfunction of our immune system.

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Zachary inner elbow creases Eczema flared up when we went to penang.  The weather was very hot there.

After we came back,  I started applying our Elemente Baby lotion. And within 3 days,  I saw vast improvement!  He scratched less and the open wound was healing up too.

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