Monday 29 September 2014

How to be a wise consumer?

How to be a wise consumer?
1. Wholesome ingredients
This is to ensure that the ingredients are wholesome plant foods, not xxx extract, xxx concentrate, xxx juice etc.  No fortified vitamins and preservatives added. (The maltodextrin stated is derived from corn and rice which do not contain gluten.)

2. Product Form
Choose powder and capsules (powder capped in Vcaps®) not tablets and pills as the latter are done with added fillers / binders.

3. Harvester, manufacturer and distributor are of the same company
A company that is self reliant ensure product safety and price consistency.  E Excel is 1 of the top 5% companies in the world to be a self reliant company.

4. Bar Code
This ensures that the product has a "birth certificate".

5. Processing
Do ensure that it has AVA Certification, GMP Certification and MSDS Certification (for skincare).

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Corporate Trainer

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