Tuesday 1 September 2015

Parenting Tip: People Impact - lesson 2, 30 Aug 2015

For People Impact runway, the kids took turn to dress up as model and the rest will observe what were the missing items in the model.

Alyssa and Zachary working diligently on worksheet for game "invisible half".  They are suppose to complete the other half base on mirror image.

Under the "who's the person", the kids learn the different roles they play in life.  How should they adjust their behaviour according to the setting.  Example Alyssa plays a role of sister to Zachary and she also plays a role of a daughter to me.

The children learnt about the different types of emotion and they shared what would they do under each emotion and discuss if each reaction to an emotion was an appropriate act.

Zachary completed his mini homework base on last game he played and after watching the movie, Inside Out.

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