Tuesday 6 January 2015

Do you know...

1. Obese people have 8% less brain tissue than people with normal weight, while overweight people have 4% lesser tissue.

Lesser tissue result in risk of alzheimer disease.

2.  Many slimming products contain guarana, slimming tea & Ephedra.

Guarana seed
-has 2x more caffeine than coffee bean
-suppress appetite
stimulates central nervous system
-increase body temperature
-is a diuretic
-side effects include nausea, dizziness and anxiety

Slimming tea
-contain mainly tea leaves and laxatives
-laxatives weaken the body immunity causing diarrhea, anorexia and kidney failures
-Stimulate only large intestine to promte excretion without burning burning calories
-no significant benefit to health.

-is a plant which is harmful to body
-used in many diet drugs
-stimulate the heart causes it to pump more blood, raises blood pressure  thus bring on epilepsy, increase blood flow through the brain and muscles and decrease blood flow through internal organs.  -banned in US

3.  Overfeeding during toddlers' years increases their chances of becoming overweight.

4. Watching calories is better in weight management than exercising.
1 hour of jogging burns away
-1 fried chicken drum stick OR
-3 cans of coke OR
-2 cups of cafe latte OR
-1/3 of a MacD breakfast
-1/6 of a cup of milkshake

5. Soy proteins (Non GMO, you can get from our Nutrifresh and I shape (lite)) has
-2x more protein than meat
-4x more protein than eggs
-12x more proteins than cow's milk

6. Iron, Meat VS Plant
100gm of spinach to the same amount of raw chicken liver which contains 3x more iron but a staggering 345 times more cholesterol!  The risks to your health outweigh the benefits.

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