Thursday 20 August 2015

King of plant: Cactus

While waiting for Zachary to finish icr, Alyssa is doing her character building assessment book,  25 pages within 15min and mummy is reading about the benefits of cactus from NUTRITION •IMMUNITY • LONGEVITY book.

I only saw taurine fortified into baby formula milk,  never knew the king of plant,  cactus, is the only plant food that has taurine!

It also has nutrients such as calcium and iron which are essential for growing children.

Cactus also increase Natural Killer cells activities and helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases, promote wound healing internally and externally and provide relief from digestive problems due to its super high anti Imflammatory property.

When cactus is applied to the skin,  it keeps our skin moisture and speed up formation of collagen.

 In fact, according to Nutritional Immunology, cactus has the following properties:
1) Amazing Anti-inflammatory Effect
Stress, pollution, food additives, chemical preservatives, animal products, and overly processed vegetarian foods—all these can sensitize and weaken our bodies, easily leading to inflammation. The “cooling effect” of cactus helps calm inflammations and our bodies to stay healthy.
2) Fountain of Youth
Cactus is rich in phytochemicals with high antioxidant activity. They delay aging by preventing cell damage by free radicals.
3) Powerful Ally Against Cancer
Scientists found that cactus extract increased immune cell activity against cancer.
4) Polysaccharide Power
Cactus polysaccharides contribute to wound healing and immune system regulation in addition to having anti-cancer properties.
Scientific studies show that long-term use of cactus will not reduce cactus’ effectiveness in the human body and will promote overall health.

A lot of research has been done on cactus including 本草纲目 and the science of nutritional Immunology.

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