Saturday 15 August 2015

Parenting Tip: People Impact - lesson 1, 15 Aug 2015

Finally we decided to let our kids start People Impact as we hope to raise them up being a resilient kid.  Today they started their first lesson at Marine Parade Branch after the trial a couple of weeks back. 

My children came out after the trial class that she wanted to go People Impact every week because it was very fun!  I could indeed hear plenty of laughter from outside the room as the kids enjoy playing several different activities as you can see below are the activities' objectives for this week.

Their teacher is Teacher Linda and we like her very much!

This month focuses are on BRAIN POWER EFFICIENCY and PLAN TO SUCCEED.

 Alyssa in deep thoughts with her partner to sort out the puzzles for colour maze.

Zachary doing his colour maze.

 Zachary giving instructions to his partner to build blocks in accordance with picture on hand a form of verbal intelligence training.

Zachary attempted to cross hula hoops with lemon on spoon.  He was given the lemon just before  crossing.  This activity trains the ability to cope with unexpected event. He didn't give up and manage to complete the game after the 5th time. It trains their motor skill too.

Findings which we learned from the teacher at the de brief after their 1 hour 45min classes.

He is still not so good in identifying left and right which can affect his directions;
He enjoys all the challenges given to him with no complains and has a never-give-up attitude;
He can sit a little longer after teacher communicated to him;
He prefer more challenging activities to keep him more stimulated and he works better under peer learning (pressure);
He is familiar with her prepositions and able to describe the whereabouts of a given object.

She is able to problem solve in an activity;
She is familiar with her preposition and able to describe the whereabouts of a given object;
She learns teamwork;
She learns to commuicate instructions to her peers from a diagram given to her.

If you are interested in the trial class, contact Merrilyn Goh at 92252806 for Marine Parade branch.  Quote WHOLESOME SUPER FOOD for a trial at $10 only!

Thank you and best regards
Anlinna Lim
Health coach / speaker / trainer
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