Wednesday 26 August 2015

Life is short, health is wealth, stay health start young

Health is wealth.

It was a terrible weekends for our family.  My Father in Law (FIL) passed on suddenly last friday midnight due to breathing difficulties.  We are glad that he left peacefully in the arms of his two beloved sons and did not have to suffer for long.  My regrets were i did not join my hubby to his house in time to see him off and did not insist on him to consume the superfood earlier.

His health deteriorated since june started with ankle swelling and fever while we were in Club Med Cherating.  His health report which was supposed to be out today, revealed a clean report.  I suspected due to premature aging of "his machine".  He survived with few hours of sleep daily and could have overhauled his body and he ate to survive thus he could be lacked of superfood that help to self stimulate collagen to delay aging.

Just image a car which can run 120 years but it was ran with only 4 hours break daily, would the machine breakdown earlier than its expected shelf life?

Diseases do not appear overnight. some has incubation period of 1-2 decades and some only a few years.  Fever is our body immune response that our body is fighting back.  With the most advance medical technology, when a cancer tumour is detected, it has a million cancerous cells and usually 2/3 of the cancer journey has passed.

Due to modenisation and singapore is a fast pace society, people are eating unhealthy and having poor lifestyle due to work commitment and leisure and stress is a silent killer thus accelerate our aging process.

We work very hard to save money for retirement however we need to ensure that we are healthy to enjoy our golden years otherwise we will be raising doctors with our retirement fund.

From my FIL demise, i saw that he was a man who love others more than himself and he was a thrifty family man.  He was a man who glued the family together and went all ways out to help the family and impact others lives.  He even went to work on the day he left because he wanted to serve his regular clients.  Today, we need to ask ourselves are we leading a purposeful life to bring impact to others' lives and leave a legacy behind?  I am sure my FIL did and i am proud of him.

With my career, i am glad that i can bring opportunity to people on health, wealth and time freedom.  I teared with a friend when she shared that with this business opportunity, she has inspired her mum to come on board with us and her mum is happier and that is her objective; to let her mum be happier.  I am overjoy as this gain is intangible which money can't buy.  I want to leave a legacy when i leave this earthly world.

Although i did not get along quite well with my PIL, when he left, i felt lost too.  Every night i could not sleep and thought about the things he had done for our family.  A man greatly to be missed.  As the eldest DIL, i will do my best to accommodate my MIL into our lives.  She had lost her dad too on the day her husband's health turn red.

In the midst of building our wealth, let's work smart to have health to enjoy our wealth during our olden years and spending time with our elderly and children as we can never turn back the clock.

I wish everyone, GOOD HEALTH ALWAYS.

Thank you and best regards
Health trainer / coach / speaker

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