Sunday 31 July 2022

How we survived Covid-19, part 4

10 July 2022 to 19 July 2022

7 in the family. 
3 survivors.

Generally, our family took about 6-7 days to recover from Covid-19.  
Everyone has different symptoms. 

My Mother In Law, Lilian, 76 years old, and my 2nd son, 11 years old were the 1st 2 to diagnose with ART at home.
Next day was my eldest girl, Alyssa, 13 years old.
Following by my hubby, Edwin, 42 years old, 2 days later.

Survivors, my helper, myself and Elijah.

How did the 3 of us survived that week?
My helper, she was quite busy. preparing 3 meals, hi tea and nutritional immunology beverages for the 4 of them back to back and handwashed their clothes.  I reminded her to wash their utensils and clothings separately from us.  We are very thankful that she was willing to sacrifice her sunday off to help us at home and had to postpone her birthday celebration.  On her birthday, 12 July, I gave her an angbao and also another angbao after everything was over, including her off day salary and extra for her to celebrate with her friends.

I also offered my helper our Nutritional Immunology food during this period to keep her safe.  However, she only took some every days as she did not want me to spend so much.  What a sensible helper!

Myself and Elijah, as i mentioned in Part 3, he had an operation so he had been home.  I had to manage daily grocery, keeping him entertained, safe and his wellbeing and managing my businesses.  It had been a busy period but i really enjoyed the moment and being presence.  In the midst, i still make passionfruit drink, pomegranate drink, cheng tng, waffles etc for the family.

During this period of time, i am very thankful to be in this career.  It offers me flexibility as i was able to care for my family needs without taking leaves yet i can still manage my business and family together without affecting my income!

I did joking ask my hubby, what happen if i was the one who caught covid-19 and he was the one out?
Will he be able to take leave to handle our meals, grocery, taking care of Elijah and not to mention his work?

I believe he would not be able to manage partly because his status as an employee and usually employees are hard to get immediate and long leave and they could be expected to still be working.

From this pandemic and having my family caught Covid-19, it really proven that i have make the right choice to be in this career.

Elijah enjoys fixing Lego

Driving his Jeep

Cleaning and "fixing" his car

Home practice

Home practice

Driving his Jeep at Passion Wave

Trip to office with Mummy

He wanted to see the other office downstairs

1 of the food i prepared to surprise the Covid patients

Our daily 830pm videocall before Elijah went to bed

Although the patients suffered from Covid, they had a good time too!
They got to watch a lot of shows on Netflix and Disney+! 😁
Whatever situation you are in, make the best all of it!

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