Friday 22 July 2022

How we survived Covid-19, Part 1

10 July 2022 to 19 July 2022
7 in the family. 
3 survivors.

Their 1st day

Their last day

Generally, our family took about 6-7 days to recover from Covid-19.  
Everyone has different symptoms.  I will elaborate more in my next part of the topic.

My Mother In Law, Lilian, 76 years old, and my 2nd son, 11 years old were the 1st 2 to diagnose with ART at home.
Next day was my eldest girl, Alyssa, 13 years old.
Following by my hubby, Edwin, 42 years old, 2 days later.

We have planned for this day thus we have bought extra bunk bed to put in Alyssa's room when we did restructuring last year to give her her own room.  
Zachary has a double deck bunk bed in his room and Alyssa has a triple deck bunk bed in her room.
From 10th July, we had isolated Lilian and Zachary in Zachary's room.
We had also requested Alyssa to minimise movement at home by staying in her room from 10th.
Edwin contacted Covid-19 3 days later could be due to him been hero to settle the room logistic and sending Zachary to hospital for a check (read next part) while i minimise contact with these patients as i have a 3.5 years old who needs me.  After he was diagnosed with Covid-19, he bunked in to Alyssa's room.
They have a toilet outside their rooms.  So the survivors did not use any of them.  Doors were kept closed to minimise spreading of virus.

My helper rest in her room. 
Myself and Elijah, 3.5 years old in the master bedroom.

Food and nourishment
I saw that many families manage Covid-19 symptoms with medication such as paracetamol, lozenge, flu and cough medicine, Lian Hua medicine etc.

In our family, healthier food were served 4x a day including a tea break and 2 servings of high antioxidants fruits and several bottles of concentrated Nutritional Immunology Food for the patients.  As an Excellence Lifestyle Coach, i know who is the best doctor, ie our immune system, the best way to speed up recovery is by nourishing our body to self healing.

Fever, cough and flu are our body ways of fighting hard to maintain homeostasis.  Our body is put into an inflammation state when a sudden potent virus attack the body. Indiscriminately consume medication to allow body to fight itself can make it difficult for the immune system to fight the infection and on the other hand making the invaders stronger.

These are some of the food we prepared for the patients.



Tea Break

Tea Break



1. Early preparation on rooms and logistic in the event of Covid-19 
2. Both patients and survivors, we wore mask everyday even when we slept, except Elijah, i took off his mask when he slept.
3. Use disposal food containers and utensil.  Just dump after each use or after the period.
4. Consume high antioxidant, phytochemicals and polysaccharides wholesome plant, fruits and vegetables.  Avoid inflammatory food that slows down recovery.
5. Sleep more
6. Stay hydrated with beverage that give nutrients to boost your immunity
7. Do some light exercise.
8.  Keep yourself entertained and enjoy the moment

Click next post for our next part on How we survive Covid-19.

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