Saturday 23 July 2022

How we survived Covid-19, part 2

10 July 2022 to 19 July 2022

7 in the family. 
3 survivors.

Generally, our family took about 6-7 days to recover from Covid-19.  
Everyone has different symptoms. 

My Mother In Law, Lilian, 76 years old, and my 2nd son, 11 years old were the 1st 2 to diagnose with ART at home.
Next day was my eldest girl, Alyssa, 13 years old.
Following by my hubby, Edwin, 42 years old, 2 days later.

How it was detected?
10th July 2022, sunday night after celebrating my MIL's birthday, Zachary felt that he was running a temperature.  He took temperature himself and found he ran a fever of nearly 40 degree.  We got panicked as he told us he had sore throat the day before.  Then we got him do ART and found he was Covid positive!  So we got everyone at home to do ART and found out that my MIL had it too and her T line was very red but she had no symptoms except a bit of block nose since wed / thur!  Alyssa also informed us that her throat might be a little sore too.  To play safe, i told her to isolate in her room too although she was tested Covid negative on 10th July.

Near midnight, Zachary started to have breathing difficult and running a very high fever made him feel even worse.  Hubby decided to bring him to East Shore Hospital.  I did not follow as i worry that in the event that i contact Covid, no one will be able to take care of Elijah.  I reminded Hubby to put on 2 masks and wind down the car windows. Zachary vomitted once before leaving home.

At the hospital, Zachary had ECG test and etc and was given brufen.  As and Excellence Lifestyle Coach, i have been educating my family on the side effects and how medication works, Zachary asked his Dad if he should take.  He left the decision to him and Zachary took a doze, 1st time after more than 9 years of medication free.

After he reached home, he vomitted another time.

11th July, Alyssa was tested Covid positive but very faint line.

13 July, Hubby's throat started to sore too.  Probably he had been a hero to shift my MIL stuff to bunk in to Zachary's room and accompanied him to hospital with a tentage of i believe of similar cases.  

Following is the journal i requested them to record for my sharing with everyone.

Zachary's Journal

Lilian's Journal

Alyssa's Journal

Edwin's Journal


Their 1st day

Their last day

List of Top 20 Covid-19 symptoms. 
Credit to: The Straits Time, 18 July 2022

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