Wednesday 9 September 2020

Lesson learned from Disney Mulan 2020

We brought Alyssa and Zachary to watch Mulan 2020 today.  Disney shows always have a message to leave for the audience and great inspiration to both children and adult.

What i learned from Mulan 2020?
1. There is no courage without fear.
     Many a times we want to create a better future, be healthier, happier, wealthier but many dare not 
     take the step forward as they fear of stepping into the unknown and focus on failure instead of 
     success and experience gain.
     Courage comes when we conquer our fear on doing things we do not want / wish to do and      
     stepping out of comfort zones to do irregardless of the result because we want to break the vicious 
     In fact, i am quite timid to try new things.  After embarking on this career and thanks to my team, 
     i begin to adopt a growth mindset years ago and conquer some of my fears such as public 
     speaking which i never had the exposure before.  I am not naturally talented in this area but i 
     always tell myself what can i deliver to my audience.  Focus on the audience not myself.  

2. Know your position (your purpose in life)
    Coming to understanding that God gives everyone different gifts in life, do not hide it if you have 
    found yours.  Try out more things in life and you could find out that you have some hidden talent 
     too.  Use this gift and empower people around you and live life with purpose.

3. Courage, Brave and Truth .... lastly devotion to family
    These virtues are the key message to the movie.
    Do not fear, you never try you never know.  Even if you fail, you have gain an experience.
    Be brave as we only live once. Fear will rob away your happiness, your future and your ability to   
    create your life.
    Being truthful  and honest to yourself.  This is a key to being happy.  Do not use other people or
    thing as excuse for not being healthier, happier and wealthier.  You can create your life.
    Be bold.  Take courage.  You deserve more.
    Lastly, we work so hard is because we love our family.  Be responsible to them by being health 
    physically and mentally beside providing them financially, the family must have love and care. 

Share with me what do you learned too after watching the show by commenting below.

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