Saturday 13 August 2016

What do I learn from Joseph Isaac Schooling winning our Singapore 1st Gold Medal?

Congratulations to the Schooling Family!!!  You have made Singapore proud!  Thank you for your contribution become our first Olympic Champion!!!

Schooling beat his childhood idol for the first time in Olympia 2016 and won a Gold medal for Singapore.

1st time in history Singapore National Anthem was sung at Olympia.  A touching moment.

From Colin schooling sharing right after his son competition, he shared that he loves his son and has been very encouraging and supportive on him pursuing his childhood dream.

How many parents can do this?
This is love.

Live your dreams. A 21 years old has showed you dream can come true when your goal is clear.

The journey to success is never easy but you will see light after the tunnel if you believe and preserve.

 Left: When Schooling was 13.  He is now 21.

Heart warming words from Joseph Schooling's father: "The most important thing is to be an ambassador for all our children in Singapore that gives them hope that they also can do it. There's nothing special about him, just a boy who is interested in the sport."

We are no one today; we can be someone who leave a legacy from today. 

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