Thursday 11 August 2016

Things my handbag will always have

Things my handbag always have...


They are convenient, healthy, unique, safe and effective.

Recalling I had bad flu and sneezing on national day (9 Aug 2016) and it got worse when I was at expo for home and deco fair. I couldn't afford to fall sick at that time as we will be attending our first national day parade celebration at the Sports Hub in the evening. I reached out to my bag and tear open the oxyginberry and pour the freeze dried syngergised superfood into my mouth and drank down with plenty of water (I did not have a cup with me then). A couple of hours later I took 1 orchestra. And another hours later (I always bring 2 in my bag).  Next day, I was well!  Daily nourishment with additional superfood, recovery is much faster!

There was a time I had tummy upset and diarrhea when I was out. Thankfully I had orchestra with me. I gulped down 2 within a few hours. My tummy felt much better. Ever experience sudden itch in the throat? I had when I was with a new client and I could not talk and had to reach into nut bag for an orchestra.  I quickly sipped in and down with some water.  What follow was, she asked what's that? :)

Picture paints a thousand words.  Look how convenient is Vegecolor! Simply add to ur lunch or dinner when vegetables are just too few. :)

Want these convenient food in your bag? Contact me now!

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