Tuesday 30 August 2016

Thank you my teachers in life

I never know health is so important till i have you (Alyssa & Zachary).
I never know that it felt so miserable when we almost lose you (my mum).
I never know how it feels to be a mother till i become one.
I never know that constipation is bad till i start to worry why A & Z didn't poo.
I never know we are what we eat can greatly affect our health till i found the science of nutritional immunology.
I never know there are so many things in life that schools don't teach.
I never know nasty people can teach me to be a better person.
I never know i can be a great blessing to others till i see the smile on their faces.
I never know i can find new and nice friends in my Healthy Fast Food career.
I never know that although i don't excel in school i can excel in life.
I never know i can have a team of great mentors and team mates in life till i am in my Healthy Fast Food business.
I never know how blessed i am till i marry my imperfect man in life.
I never know pray is so powerful till i see changes in life.
I never know that if everything starts with "ME", i can change the world around me.

There are many things we do know know.

Thank you and best regards
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