Wednesday 17 August 2016

Anesthesia affects memory and alertness

Before i got married, i had done 2 full LA when i extracted my 4 wisdom tooth and during a colonoscopy test in my twenties.  I also had 2 more full GA when i had cesarean for my 2 pregnancies.

Over the years, i realised that i have been having poorer memory as well as short attention span till i researched and studies have shown that LA has many side effects and can impair memory.

I have been taking Oxyginberry since more than 3 years ago and i feel it has helped me to improve my complexion, scar, health and my concentration.  After knowing the harmful effects and the no of procedures i had went through the last decade, i feel i need to enhance my memory to prevent more neurons death.  Age, illness, unhealthy diet and unhealthy lifestyle can speed up premature dementia, parkinson disease and alzhemier.

This is what i am adding on to my Healthy Breakfast.

It is beneficial for growing children to consume e-memories as nowadays kids are exposure to too much free radicals from electronic gadgets.  Elderly needs as well to prevent premature dementia, parkinson disease and alzhemier.

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