Monday 8 June 2015

Shaws Charity Carnival, 7 Jun 2015; kids learning experience is priceless

Yesterday we sold nearly $180 of food made from Wholesome Super Food at Shaws Charity Carnival.

The most fruitful and valuable take back was the kids learning experience beside all the proceed went to ASPN.

Determination,  perseverance & teamwork were what i saw from my children and my neighbour Ayrin's girl, Elena.

They walked for 2 hours around Shaws Mountbatten campus selling triflora drinks,  triflora jelly and aromantic & vegecolor pancakes.

As a parent, I saw them from far and worried that they couldn't start to sell and handle rejection. I did feel heartache when I saw pple turned them down and worried on how would they feel. When they sold their first pack of food,  they were so happy!  We as a parent or team leader, we have to learn to let go and let the young ones explore.  Protecting them will not help them in their lives but with parents intervention and guidance would be best.

Everything starts from 1 / "I".  You never try you never know.  When you try, you have a chance of succeeding but when you never try, you will never have a chance to succeed at all.

I asked Alyssa if she was upset when people turned her down, she said no and she continued.  I like her spirit, just like me, never give up.  Why should we be so affected by others rejection and affect our own happiness and stop us from reaching out to others?  Many a time, we hold back because of our own fear, learn to manage it and we will be able to move on further and better in life and influence others too.

Start to be the "I" to make a tiny difference in people lives to make a huge difference to the society.

Thank you and best regards

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