Sunday 7 June 2015

E Excel Family Day at Port of Lost Wonder, 6 June 2015

We were to first one to go in to POLW!





Total amount collected was nearly $40k and with government matching it, a total of nearly $80k was donated to the charity!!!

Children performance

Breathe taking and lifetime experience, comes only fr E Excel, up close 50m away fr the firework. Simply.... FANTASTIC!  

Following are my loots.
$50 for all the family tickets and $120 for the food vouchers and these are what i got!!!
 5 sets of door gift

 Gifts from Sure Weal

 Gifts from walking 5k steps with the use of food vouchers.  5 sets of freeze dried food, keychains and pedometers.

Freeze dried food.

Thank you and best regards

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