Thursday 11 June 2015

Boy who died from an invasive Streptococcal A Infection

A story you must read.

Sad to hear that the poor little boy had left shortly after his birthday.  I feel their pain.

Before Alyssa was hospitalised, the PD we went, gave tons of medicine, antibiotics and inhaler.

(This is my story)

I have learned the hard way. We need to do our due diligence n don't depend on doctors.  Our best doctor in the world is God's given gift; ie our immune system.  Nourish it well,  we will be able to do defense, cleanse and repair.

During a person's illnesses, we need plenty of rest,  fluid and tons of disease fighting nutrients.  Medicine just suppress and control. In fact without proper nutrients and just medication, it might prolong recovery.

Antibiotics only helps in bacteria. Our own body can self produce million of antibody to fight against bacteria and viruses.  When we have high fever,  did doctor diagnose if it is bacteria infection before prescribing the antibiotics or going through SOP?

Parents, please read up more for your family health.

Read the poor little boy story here.

Thank you and best regards

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