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Door gift for E Excel Family Day, 6 June 2015

Door gift for E Excel Family Day, 6 June 2015.

What is E Excel?
E Excel is founded by Dr Chen Jau Fei, a world renowned Nutritional Immunologist who believe in preventive health science called Nutritional Immunology which studies the relationship between the food we eat and our Immune System to attain good health.  It has a history of nearly 30 years.  Her mission is to create a disease free world and give the gift of health and knowledge to mankinds.  

Since its inception in Singapore, it has received AVA Food Safety Award continuously for more than 10 years and E Excel has GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) although it is not a drug but food company.

Products from E Excel are made from state of the art technology like freeze drying, spray mist drying, low heat drying and high purifying fine filtration etc to retain almost all the nutrients of the wholesome plant food WITHOUT CHEMICALS and PRESERVATIVES and it has performed nearly 2000 tests to test for high contaminants.

What is Nutrifresh?
Nutrifresh is a daily nutrition beverage made with an assortment of healthy plant foods like wholesome soy, fruits and vegetables which are in soy protein and phytonutrients, it is an ideal replacement for animal proteins, calcium, fibre and nutrients.

How to drink:
Empty 1 sachet of Nutrifresh to 100ml of cold or room temperature water and enjoy!

What is Evernew Orange?
Nutrifresh Orange is a delicious and convenient beverage containing a balanced mix of insoluble and soluble fiber from orange, banana, oats and psyllium husks.

Soluble fiber can help to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood and control blood sugar levels. Insoluble fiber can enhance digestion and aid metabolism. Research indicates that fiber plays a very important role in the body: it can prevent intestine, stomach and heart diseases, diabetes and some cancers.

Sweet, tart and so refreshing, orange is rich in vitamin C and contains protopectin—a naturally occurring compound made up of cellulose and pectin.

How to drink:
Empty 1 sachet of Evernew Orange to 100ml of cold or room temperature water and enjoy!

What is Vegecolor?
VegeColor is a specially formulated powder beverage consisting of 28 colorful vegetables and fruits, including cauliflower, carrot, yellow bell pepper, red beet, cherry, spinach, snow pea, blueberry, and red cabbage etc. These ingredients are carefully processed to retain their rich store of plant-based nutrients. Enjoy your daily dose of plant-based goodness anywhere with these convenient sachets and live life to the fullest each day!

How to be taken:
1. Mix with Nutrifresh;
2. Mix with Evernew Orange;
3. Mix all 3;
4. Sprinkle on noodle, soup, rice;
5. Make bread or pasta etc.

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