Monday 18 August 2014

How to choose healthy cooking oil?

In our daily lives, we are consuming too much Omega 6 which can cause inflammation to the internal body.  What we need is Omega 3 more than Omega 6.  Read below and you will be shocked.  You will think twice before fried food again.

Why commercial fries do not turn black???
It is added with Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate to retain the colour of the fries.  It can be dangerous to the body.

Why the oil use in the Fast Food do not seem to decompose?
It is added with TBHQ which is the same chemical use in our lighter and over consumption of fast food can lead nausea, vomit, vertigo and even death.

1 tablespoon of oil is equivalent to 120 calories.

E Excel Blended Cooking oil is made up of:
-95.5% Macadamia Nuts
-4.5% Perilla seed oil
-High smoke point
-Made and imported fr USA
It is exceptionally low in Omega 6 and high in Omega 3.

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To balance the Omega 6 intake from your daily diet,  you can opt for Oseed which comprise of chia seeds and kiwi seeds.

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