Tuesday 12 August 2014

Antibiotic overuse putting babies in danger

Zachary went for his dental check up as we found his teeth a little stain compared to his sister.  The dentist asked hubby if I were on antibiotic during pregnancy but we could not recall any.

Then days later I remembered the above article.  Both my pregnancy I had GBS and were given medication for GBS before caesarean!

Mummies need to be aware if you have GBS like me.  I didn't know about the science of Nutritional Immunology (http://www.wholesomesuperfood.com/2013/07/why-do-i-switch-my-whole-family-to.html) then so were unable to avoid the medication.  If you would like to try natural remedy, you can consider this.


Mushrooms are amazing plant foods. Research has shown that mushrooms contain polysaccharides, which help inhibit viral infection, anti cancer and anti viral property, promoting better health etc.

Polysaccharides help improve immune functions by promoting the production of natural killer cells, and activating the immune cells—interleukin and interferon. Different mushrooms contain different types of polysaccharides; each type has its own function.

Nutriact consists of an optimal blend of ABM (Agaricus blazei murill) mushroom, Shiitake mushroom, Maitake mushroom, and Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum). Nutriact does not contain sugar and is suitable for those on low-sugar diets.

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Read how Nutriact helped me with my food poisoning.  It helped my children viral fever as well.

Wish you good health.

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