Thursday 24 July 2014

Unmask super food

"...blueberry is a super food. "
"... wise to first make a habit out of using healthier cooking and preparation methods."
"... healthier ingredients can be desecrated by unhealthy coooking and preparation choices. "

If blueberry is a super food,  how about these?
Orange has 100 types of phytochemicals,  aloe vera has 300 over types and cactus has more than 10,000 types of phytochemicals. Which will you choose? Above is OXYGINBERRY, a synergized wholesome plant food for daily needs. Read more about the above ingredients here:

"The food types termed as superfood are undoubtedly nutritious, but they will benefit our health only if only eaten as part of a normal,  balanced diet and if treated like an 'everyday food'."

We need to replenish our body disease fighting nutrients daily just like our car needs fuel to run.  If we can give our car a yearly maintenance,  how about our body which has help to earn money?!

A fruit / vegetable can have more antioxidants,  phytochemicals n polysaccharides than others.  That's how God created it. All plant food different types and level of nutrients level thus we need to have a variety and OXYGINBERRY give a us a great convenience.

Health is wealth. 

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