Thursday 24 July 2014

Probiotic, help or harm?

"... there are 500 hundreds species bacteria ... exist in our body. "
"Naturally, the body has its own internal gut and microflora and this is self regulated."
"However,  in spite of the proclaimed benefits,  experts say there remains many gaps in probiotic research. "

Is probiotic really beneficial to us?
We have more than 500 (good) bacteria in our intestines.  Are the 3 foreign sources enough? Are we overly depend on them?

We can self stimulate the growth of good bacteria with a balance wholesome diet.

Commercial products with the 3 good bacteria mentioned in the articles,
Products = water + sugar + dairy milk + 3 good bacteria

Sugar triggers cancer cells

Dairy milk

Adopt a balance wholesome diet to help your body self stimulate the growth of good bacteria.  Every person has different kinds of good bacteria produce in their body even twins!

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