Monday 28 July 2014

Juice cleansing Fad

I refer to my post dated 8 July 2014.

People are indeed getting more health conscious to enjoy a quality lifestyle. They are willing to pay an average of $10-$15 per serving for juice detoxification and convenience.  Each program cost $180-$370.

Taking care of health is a daily affair,  not a xx days program every quarterly.

I refer to my other post dated 24 July 2014.
"... healthier ingredients can be desecrated by unhealthy coooking and preparation choices. "

Let's look at another option.  A healthy organic wholesome exotic plant food beverage with exceptionally high antioxidants and phytochemicals plant base nutrients at just a fraction of the above only!!!

Organic wholesome exotic plant food x 6 + highest nutrients retained  + freshness = $7.85 / serving

"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure an prevent disease with nutrition." ~ Thomas Edison

In order to achieve good health,  we need to have a strong immunity.  A wholesome and balance diet is necessary to have strong immunity to defense,  cleanse and repair the body.

Oxyginberry is a healthy organic wholesome plant food beverage which has 6 main key ingredients (Ginseng berries, Cactus, Cactus fruit, grape seeds, rose and seaweeds) that has exceptionally high antioxidants and phytochemicals to help us self stimulate the growth of collagen to prevent premature aging and common illnesses. It nourish us from in and out, top to toe and improve our immunity and concentration etc.

By the way,  there is no such thing as collagen drink.

Oxyginberry is suitable for anyone from baby to elderly, reason being it is a synergized organic wholesome plat food beverage and can be prepared very conveniently.  The right species, highest nutrient parts of the plants and harvesting time are being researched when formulating the Oxyginberry.

Men are pillar of the house,  Oxyginberry is a convenient food for them.   They will have better concentration at work,  have more energy after a long day and could help their wife at home.  Oxyginberry helps to prevent premature aging and improve vitality.

For housewives, Oxyginberry gives them the energy for a hectic lifestyle.  Generally, Oxyginberry gives women good and radiant complexion and provide a good source of nutrients for a long stressful day and it helps to firm up our skin as well.

Pregnant women and lactation mums the more they should take Oxyginberry!  Mummy drinks and benefit the foetus from the womb and breast milk to the infant.   1 person drinks and 2 people benefit!  Often pregnancy causes the mummies to be lethargic very easily and Oxyginberry will give them the nutrients required and maintain a good energy level.  As Oxyginberry helps to stimulate the growth of collagen, it has pregnant mummies to better support the baby with stronger womb.  After delivery, Oxyginberry helps in wound recovery and prevent keloid (if delivery is via caesarean) and Oxyginberry nutrients is able to pass down from the breast milk to the infant to build stronger immunity.  Oxyginberry helps the mummies to be back in shape faster as well with tone and firm up skin.

For children, it is definitely a good source of food for them.  Children tend to fall sick very easily during preschool.  Oxyginberry helps to build up their immunity to combat common illnesses and even when they fall ill, they will recover faster.  Oxyginberry also help the children to have better concentration at learning times.

How about our elderly parents?  Oxyginberry helps them to improve their vitality, prevent premature aging and as well as improving their mental health to prevent alzheimer and dementia.

Can cancer patients consume Oxyginberry?

Certainly!  The more they should consume Oxyginberry to strengthen their immunity and especially during treatment like chemotherapy,  both good and bad cells are destroyed.


11 years AVA Food Safety Excellence Award

This is my own testimonials from our family.
I have 2 children, age 5.5 and 3.5 years old.  My elder girl used to fall sick monthly when she was 2 to 4 years old and I was desperately searching for solutions to help improve her health condition.

I used to buy supplements for my children as my friends told me they helped so I tried but they did not help either. We spent a lot of money going to doctors, but my girl did not get better. She even got hospitalised for recurring fever and mild bronchitis. Subsequently, I brought them to a specialist but it did not help much but just gave us more medication to standby if relapse. I was very helpless and didn’t know what to do. 

It was by chance that I met my neighbour last year.  She shared this wonderful science to me and it really have changed my life.  It took me a month to do some research on what i had been giving them and what Nutritional Immunology is all about and how i should protect our young children who frequently fall sick from going to childcare. After knowing Nutritional Immunology, it really changed our lives.  My children’s immune system got stronger and they don’t fall sick as easily. I can finally stop worrying.

Our whole family is taking Oxyginberry capsules.

For myself, after consuming oxyginberry for only a few months, I notice that my complexion improved.  My family and friends commented that my dark circles have significantly reduced and my lower legs are no longer dry and flaky and I said bye bye to my cracked heels!  As both my children were delivered by C section, I developed keloid and had ugly scar.  I could see that my keloid thin down after just a couple of months!  It was really amazing!

For my son, he was allergy to eggs since young and he will developed a patch of red then flaky rashes below his left eye.  Our usual PD did not detect that he had allergy and keep telling us to apply moisturizer and I had a lot of different moisturizer at home!  We only confirmed that he was allergic to eggs and when we brought him to the specialist, she prescribed steroid cream for him.  It was very effective but I read that that might cause some side effects. However surprisingly, within a month after taking oxyginberry, his patch is gone for good and he is no longer allergic to eggs! I am not saying that this product can help cure people of all their allergies but that it helped improve my son’s immune system and also coincidentally and fortunately, help me rid of this egg allergy.

For my husband, I could see that he has more energy level and his sinus improves gradually.

For my mother and mother in law, they have better energy level to do more things during the day and having better sleep at night.

I have received many good reviews from many of my clients who have benefited from the science of nutritional immunology.  It is really a joy!

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