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A fantastic write up on Dr Chen Jau Fei, World renowned Nutritional immunologist about her insight on health

The author is Dr. Chen Jau fei, the famous Chinese-American scientist, "Nutritional Immunology" founder. In 1997, she won the "Ten Outstanding Young American Award", is the first Chinese to win of 59 years, is also the only woman to receive this award.
Find the real cause of the disease
In 1928, the antibiotic was born, declared to the world that we can control all infectious diseases. But we did not think antibiotics will bring a range of human diseases. In the past, the medical personnel that is a virus, bacteria, disease manufacture. But modern research found that 10% of patients infected with Ebola virus, but did not die from this disease, because of their body resistant; Similarly, 30% of TB patients did not show severe symptoms, and You can also restore itself. Scientists recognize that tuberculosis depends on whether the autoimmune system; AIDS, 5% of people infected with 5 years or even 10 years is not sick. In a variety of promotional materials, mentioned the HIV virus, but I do not see any of the medical reports on experiments proved the manufacture of HIV AIDS. What we see on the lab report is written like this: All humans have the AIDS virus HIV exists. Both are entirely different meaning.
Let me give an example of popular: There are a bunch of garbage, rubbish place naturally have flies, but that does not mean that flies manufactured garbage. And before we think of flies is the cause, then hurry out to invent a chemical weapon, the flies destroyed; later kill flies, mosquitoes they ran out the garbage, we quickly put mosquito destroyed; later, trash and cockroaches ran kill cockroaches, rats ran out the rubbish will, in short, is endless. Because the real reason is not that flies, mosquitoes, and that the junk. The key thing is to get healthy junk destroyed. So now scientists began to study the basic immunology.
The immune system is involved in numerous cellular highly numerous special substances and the complex interactions between the organs. It is state of readiness at all times, be able to prevent disease, and should be able to know exactly when, where, how to take appropriate action to destroy invading substances, and will not harm other cells in the body. Any drug can not replace humans born with the dual function of both the defense and repair of the immune system.
Our understanding of the immune system
The most important function of the immune system gets rid of all kinds of rubbish. For example, red blood cell life span of only 120 days, after which it will become a dead junk, which requires its own immune system to clear it.
The second major function is to resist disease. Scientists believe that a healthy immune function is to get a key. When the garbage generated mosquitoes, mosquitoes will fly everywhere, but if you do not trash it, it is impossible to breed down. In other words, viruses, bacteria invade the body or dirty things, if people's strong resistance, it is no way to multiply indefinitely.
I was invited to one of the largest in the U.S. medical research agency. When scientists together to discuss and get a unified conclusion, 99% of diseases and immune system disorders. Of course, regardless of some diseases and immune system diseases, such as genes, genetic diseases like. Previously, we did not so much emphasis on immunology, has been that the role is still relatively strong chemical drugs, treatment effect is more obvious. Some would say that since the immune system is so strong, why use chemicals it? In fact, the function of the immune system itself is very strong, but it is due to the effects of chemicals leaving the function of the immune system decreases. I have done 10 years of cancer research, saw many by the doctor only two or three patients a week and live, a few years later, they come back to us, amazingly, we actually see any cancer cells have been found exists. Such drugs can not cure the disease, but our own immune system will heal, which proves that their immunity is stronger than chemicals.
In the past, we did not recognize the adverse effects of chemicals would be so great. To now, the American Medical Association had warned all medical personnel: doctors' responsibility is not to prescribe a single, but in its guidance duties, he has the responsibility to tell the patient drugs into the human body, what kind of features, what will bring kind of side effects. 90% of colds are caused by viruses, but people often used to ask the doctor only antibacterial antibiotics. So the American Medical Association issued a notice, doctors prescribe antibiotics to patients can not be altered unless the experiments have been done to check, confirm their colds are caused by bacteria. Doctors in violation of this provision if so, their qualifications to practice medicine may be revoked .
According to the statistical report of the American Medical, 960 million people in the United States each year because of taking chemicals and must be hospitalized; There are 2.8 million people taking drugs and died of a heart a heart attack each year; 3,300 people each year because of eating a cure arthritis drug and death (and the original people think of arthritis, and death have anything to do); 16.3 million people each year due to side effects of drugs which cause the brain to memory loss; There are 3.8 million people had dementia; drugs have caused 2.8 million people osteoporosis. All in all, this is still very conservative statistics, there are many hospitals are not listed in the survey, the actual situation will be more serious.
From the micro perspective, the immune system's own immune system is like an army, which has the Air Force, Navy, Army soldiers of various types, if there is an enemy invade the body, they will be destroyed.
The immune system in some of the most important organs
Production of various types of blood cells in bone marrow. Cells from the bone marrow to produce, will be sent to the thymus.
Thymus is like a training camp, childhood, did not train enough troops, so it is easy thymic enlargement. When the people grew up, trained a group of "soldiers", the thymus slowly shrinking down, but it does not mean it does not function.
Tonsils are also part of the immune system, should not lightly be cut off.
There are many V spleen cells to produce various types of antibodies. When people or children vaccinated after a cold, slightly enlarged spleen will, which is a very natural phenomenon, it is hard to generate a weapon to fend off enemies.
Lymphatic like a filter, all the enemies together, and then the immune cells will be eliminated. So, when will the hard cold lymphatic feels, indicating that the body's immune system is fighting, after a cold, it will naturally soft anymore.
Cecum is important part of the immune system to fight various infections abdomen.
Blood leukocytes are immune cells. WBC divided into two categories, the first category is called T cells, and the other is called V cells. V-cell function is to produce a variety of antibodies, which is equivalent to the army's weapons, bullets. There is war, there will be a military death, it must be clear dead cells. That we need to rely on a group of cells in the thymus trained.
On the "kiss of death" for research
I am in the process of cancer research, and did not find any drugs, chemotherapy, radiotherapy can really cure cancer. Gambling chemotherapy only, the success rate of about 1%, chemotherapy drugs can not be used to identify which cells are cancer cells, which cells are a good body cells. So I finally gave up studies of these chemicals, and turned to the study of immune cells in a program called "kiss of death" in the cell. Contacting the cell a cancer cell, the cancer cells will burst, was eliminated out.
Immunology is a very young science, is to be studied science. Without any kind of chemical drugs can replace the immune system, it can not use chemicals to stimulate the immune system, it may cause a variety of side effects. Since I can not use chemicals to boost the immune system, it can only rely on "nutrition."
Vital organs of the human body immune
Immunology is a new discipline. In the United States, I was the first batch of immunologists, before that there is no one to learn immunology, immune understanding is limited to the various vaccines only. But now immunology has become a popular subject of attention. A few examples, in 1960, we do not even know the function of the thymus that the thymus is a useless organ. According to the subsequent follow-up survey found that all of them had been destroyed thymus cancer, because they lost the most important immune organ; Now many people think that tonsils useless, put it mowed; Some people in the surgery, by the way cut off the cecum that can prevent appendicitis. But you know? Cecum is formed by immune cells stuffed able to resist all types of infection. If someone thinks that can remove some of the ways to prevent organ disease, then whether the method can be used to cut the heart to prevent heart disease, it? In fact, if your immune system does not work, you have only 24 hours to live.
Nutrients from whole food
Comes to nutrition, nutrition for each individual definition is not the same. I want to have a very good girlfriend, she gave her son a day or two eggs, two chicken, two cups of milk, if the son does not eat these things, she will be very anxious. I asked her, why give children to eat so much meat it? She said, because a child's body is not good, others a cold, he cold, others a cough, he coughs. I said to her, does not mean meat nutrition. When people eat a lot of meat, the body will produce hormones, the entire immune system will drop. In the U.S., there is a primary school before food pyramid scale, it is the most important nutrient designated as meat, milk products, and now, this scale has been disabled. This led the United States to teach study found that various types of cancer, heart disease continue to rise today .
Question on the milk. Milk and human milk proteins are completely different, humans can only digest 50% of milk protein, digestion and absorption of 90% of the mother's milk proteins. There are some people drink milk stomach aches, not drinking breast milk because its different proteins. After a calf born about 90 pounds, but after about two years to grow to 1000 pounds; life is down 8 pounds, and ten years before they grow to over 100 pounds. In other words, we belong to different kinds of necessary nutrients is not the same. Milk contains a lot of hormones, which can stimulate the rapid growth of the calf, but this hormone to the child's body inside, will produce different results. Now been shown that the milk will prevent child brain development .
Questions about coffee. Two coffee, a no-caffeine, a kind of drink which one is good? Do not drink caffeinated coffee, because it will accelerate to stimulate the central nervous system, there are experimental reports indicate that it will create wrinkles; but no more can not drink caffeinated coffee because the caffeine extracted from coffee requires a kinds of chemicals, drugs and the drug is carcinogenic, the United States banned the use of the Health Bureau. So, the question is not caffeine is good or bad, but rather how the caffeine is extracted. Similarly, we are not saying that the vitamin is not good, but the key is how vitamins are extracted.
Relationship vitamins and nutrition
Finnish government has done a world's largest vitamin experiments can be said to be more fair experiment, invested $ 43 million, a total of 2.9 million people participate in the trial, up to 5-8 years. Divided into two groups, one group is people who smoke, let them eat vitamin A and vitamin E daily; another group of people have nothing to eat. After 5 years, 8 years, the proportion of eating vitamin A and vitamin E, this group of people dying from cancer 18% higher than in the other group. More importantly, people who take vitamin E have heart disease, died of heart disease up to 50% of the other group. When scientists heard the news, I was really ashamed. All along, all in small experimental scientists have concluded there are vitamin E can prevent hardening of the arteries and prevent heart disease, such a big experiment, why come to a contrary conclusion?
America's Health Department study showed that when vitamin C is found in oranges and other whole time, known as antioxidants, can prevent heart disease, cancer. After leaving the orange vitamin C, can produce millions of free radicals, the opposite will cause heart disease, cancer. For this problem, I see it is very simple. I think that orange is a naturally occurring vitamin C is artificial, man-made impossible is better than natural. We simply do not have the ability to create an orange or tomato out. Tomatoes which contains more than ten thousand kinds of nutrients, these nutrients are what we are all still unclear, where the wisdom and power to say to the public, which is the most important vitamins it? Therefore, a complete food represents only real nutrition.
U.S. health authorities want to put all the vitamin products as drugs, let people freely available on the market. Improper vitamin will bring a lot of side effects. The United States has more than 30,000 children, due to the emergence of the phenomenon of vitamin poisoning. Child eating an excessive amount of vitamins, iron in the blood rises, it is easier to get cancer; overeating vitamin E can cause arthritis; surfeit of vitamin D can cause damage to liver function.
In conclusion
A man after chemotherapy, the immune system needs a year to return to normal, but to give him more nutritious plants, then six months later the immune system back to normal. A series of research reports indicate that the immune system and plant nutrition are inseparable.
Human health is not a day will get the disease as well. Cancer is not easy quest, you must have more than 100 kinds of errors in the human body, will produce a cancer cell. Our life is like a tree, you need to carefully watered, care will thrive together. Here, I talk about three important conclusions:
First, nutrition. Complete plants, many types of plants, representing nutrition. If people prefer to eat fruits and vegetables, eat less meat, will be more healthy. America now advocates vegetarianism Hamburg, is the truth.
Second, to maintain a very calm mood. Because once there is pressure or angry, nervous, within half an hour will decrease the body's immune function.
Third, adequate exercise and rest. Very intense exercise on the body is absolutely no good. Olympic movement pattern is a manifestation of self-sacrifice. Proper rest, the immune system will be relatively weak point in the day, the evening before doing repair work. For example, two students at a school, a sleeping next to someone coughing, which are likely to be infected with it? Of course, is that those who study.
So, if you can do these three points, I believe, is not even live to be 120 years old, can live to be 110 years old. I hope we can put this wisdom to bring their relatives, friends, work together to create a better, healthier tomorrow.  

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